I ran into Akunna at the village junction hours later. She happily hugged me as if we were lovers,

“hey how far, hope your sister later showed up?” i asked with a smile. She laughed and nodded.

“yes of course, so where are you coming from?” she asked inqusitively,

“from home” i lied, “and that reminds me, when will you be a little bit free? I do need your help over something” i enquired,

“okay, i’m always free” she replied searchingly,

“i’ll be waiting” i murmured with a smile,

“alright then,” she winked and went her own way with a calm smile, while I shrugged and trekked down to my lodge.

Jenny and her roomate were in their room when i got to the lodge that fateful evening. I knocked on their door, walked into their room and greeted them before going to my own room. For the first time Jenny pretended not to notice me, i equally ignored her because i had other important things bothering me.

I undressed, switched on my generator, laid on my bed and occupied myself with my computer, going through some of my stories and typing new ones. I really was so occupied with it till 10pm when i heard a gently knock on my door.

I quietly opened my door and was extremely surprised to see Akunna standing outside with a dirty smile. I swallowed hard and stared at her speechlessly.

“i told you i was coming, here i’m” she said sweetly, while i stepped aside for her to get in before someone else sees her. I really wasn’t expecting her by that hour which truly made me so surprised and nervous.

“i wasn’t really expecting you?” i confessed as i sat beside her on my bed,

“really? But i told you i was coming when you invited me earlier, have you forgotten?” she asked,

“yea i know, but i wasn’t expecting you to show up by this hour” i answered a bit unhappily. She instantly frowned and stood up, while i polietly grabbed her right hand and stared into her eyes.

“i’m only worried because of the huge risk you took in coming here, won’t you family notice your absence?” i asked with fear, because i really was very familiar with village politics and the scandal which her visit could cause if by any chance she was caught.

“don’t worry they have all gone to bed, moreover we live just few blocks away” she reassured me, but i wasn’t in anyway comfortable. I was really extremely scared because dealing with village girls isn’t exactly the same as dealing with town girls. There is no room for a little mistake when dealing with a village girl.

My phone rang a minute later, breaking the tension between us, it was Adaora once again.

“i really do need to see you, should i come over or can you pay me a visit instead, it’s very urgent and i can’t explain more till we see each other” she calmly asked, skipping formalities and equally heightening my fear with suspence…

I quickly ran outside to pee.

To be continued.

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