“hope everything is fine dear?” i asked over the phone as i urinated,

“yea very fine” she replied calmly, while my heart continued pounding furiously,

“are you sure?” i asked,

“yes nau, i’m only missing you” she replied, while i breathed deeply. I definetly knew she was hiding something but i decided not to probe her further because it was better leaving things as they were.

“i’ll take a night bus to Abuja on friday, hope it’s okay?” i asked,

“mmmmm yea but can’t you take a flight?” she asked jokingly. I instantly read meaning out of it.

“flight kwa? When did i start taking flight to Abuja madam?” i asked, she laughed.

“okay nau till friday, no wahala” she murmured and hung up.

Selena’s call came into my phone immediately Adaora hung up, but i really wasn’t in the mood to answer it, even though i had been expecting her phone call for quite a while.
I trembled as i returned to my room.

“why do you look so nervous did you see a ghost outside?” Akunna asked as i sat beside her on the bed. I forced out a dry smile and said nothing.

“so why did you invite me?” she asked minutes later. I looked at her and breathed deeply.

I knew she was very disappointed by my cold behaviour towards her, which really made her very uncomfortable to the extent of questioning me in such manner.

‘Yea I truly had many plans for her but i wasn’t yet prepared to carry them out, moreover Adaora’s phone call really got me very scared and confused.

“i don’t know how to say this, but i only invited you because i earlier wanted you to help me prepare soup and stew, but i never knew you were coming tonight” i said with a calm smile. She shrugged and smiled.

“alright i can do that tomorrow do you have the necessary ingredients?” she asked,

“nope, i will give you money to buy them tomorrow if you won’t mind” i answered. She smiled and laid on my bed.

“no wahala” she accepted. We later slept without doing anything to each other.

5am Monday

She calmly woke me up, i jolted and stared at her inquisitively,

“i have to start going before my absence is noticed at home” she murmured. I nodded with understanding, reached for my wallet, fetched one thousand five hundred naira from it and gave to her with my spare keys.

“please before going to the market, first check my cupboard because i think i still have some foodstuffs” i begged with a smile.

“no problem” she mumured as she collected the money. I couldn’t help smiling as i wondered how mum would feel if she should learn i gave a strange girl money to prepare food for me.


I was about leaving for school when my phone rang. My heart skipped as i grabbed it, but I instantly smiled with surprise when i saw it was Chief Peter calling me.

“what an honour” i mumured as i answered the phone call.

“why didn’t you call as i requested during the weekend?” he asked,

“i’m so sorry sir” i apologized, unable to come up with any excuse.

“try and show up at my house today by 4pm, i intend to introduce some important people to you, don’t fail me, if you do, i won’t forgive you. My house address will be sent to your phone just incase you no longer remember” he announced and hung up without waiting for my reply.

I instantly knew an eventful evening awaited me, but it really didn’t move me because all my thoughts were on Adaora

To be continued.

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