I walked into Ss2 classroom with two agric text books in my hand. The students instead of greeting like they used to, just sat on their chairs and stared at me isolently. I was deeply surprised.

I smiled nervously, stared at them searchingly before walking towards the blackboard where i got the shock of my life. I saw silly drawings with my name tagged on them. In one, i was lying on a girl while two guys whipped me.

I was totally shocked as i stared at the drawings, while the whole class roared with laughter, sending my heart flying out of the window.

I had never faced such ridicule in my entire life. I was so furious, hurt and embarrassed. Their boisterous laugher soon attracted Jenny and some teachers. They all rushed in and stared at me inquisitively, while i shrugged, bit my lips and left the class.

It really pained me a whole lot because i was being ridiculed for no just cause.

“hey what’s going on?” Jenny asked curiously when she caught up with me outside, as if she didn’t see the silly drawings on the blackboard.

“don’t mind those children they are just insulting their parents” i murmured coldly. She held my left hand and stared into my eyes,

“i think it’s better you return to our lodge, i will talk to the dean of studies, principal and perhaps the students okay!. Just go before their noise infects the whole school, you know these bush students behave like wild animals” she advised quietly, while i breathed deeply with a smile.

“alright i will obey you, since i have no other choice” i murmured and blushed

“seriously i really don’t know why i’m helping you, because you are the cause of some problems you are having, i never believed you could still go ahead to do something with that silly village girl after i begged you not to. Its very bad of you, i never believed my eyes when i saw her leaving your room this morning, better give your life to God” she admonished and walked away, leaving me stunned as ever.

I quietly returned to my lodge without wasting any other time. Akunna was in my room preparing the things i asked her to. I unhappily laid on my bed with my thoughts consuming me, until i left for owerri hours later.

3:30pm, Owerri

I parked my car in front of chief Peter’s house, walked to his gate and tried to open it. Two men dressed in police uniform instantly jumped out from nowhere with guns pointing at me, “hands up” they barked. My heart instantly skipped as i calmly raised my hands wondering whether they were real policemen or not.

The street was quiet, empty and calm, just like most Owerri plush residential crescents.

To be continued

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