The next morning we headed straight to Owerri to get a new mattress and equally wait for Joy{frank’s girlfriend} who was coming over from portharcourt with her friend. I really wasn’t pleased they were coming, because of the extra bills i knew i would end up spending, considering Frank’s cunny nature, but i kept my feelings to myself even though we argued a bit the previous night over Joy’s friend who was coming with her.
“you will fall in love with the girl once you set your eyes on her. Seriously if i had the opportunity, i would have gone after her the first time we met months ago, but there wasn’t any opportunity” he advertised. I smiled and shook my head.

“so why are you now pushing her to me?” i asked suspiciously,

“since i can’t have her, it will delight me if a brother who can narrate how it went down enjoys and shares the story and that’s exactly why i asked Joy to drag her along” he explained with a dirty smile.

“you can never change nor get tired of listening to s-x tales tufia” i spat, while he laughed heartily,

“you nko? Don’t you like listening?” he asked. I simply shrugged and smiled.

“what if she has a boyfriend?” i enquired,

“nawa for you guy, you are just asking as if you don’t know girls again eeh. Which boyfriend will she have that can compete with you in anything? Abegi” he replied, waving my question aside.

“i don’t want to carry any new responsibility, i’m better off the way i’m” i murmured, he shook his head and scoffed,

“you complain alot, anyway do you know what i call her?” he asked. I shook my head and stared at him curiously.

“i call her periwinkle because of her great shape, but i guess you will call her sweet periwinkle when you taste the real thing” he joked with a funny tone which made me burst into laughter. We gisted, laughed and joked till late in the night, disturbing my neighbours without empathy.
So it really was because of Joy and her periwinkle friend that we came into Owerri early wednesday morning to shop as we wait for them to arrive.

11:35am, I.T.C PARK OWERRI

The girls alighted from a bus and walked towards where we stood waiting for them with smiles on their faces.

“don’t you see how full and lovely sweet periwinkle looks?” Frank asked with a dirty smile as Joy advanced and hugged him dearly.

“i missed you so much my love” she said to him with eyes full of love, while ‘sweet periwinkle’ and i studied each other silently.

“anyway she isn’t looking bad” i smiled as i stared at her lustfully, while dirty thoughts gently took over my head.

“Frank really knows how to lead me to hell” i reasoned. My manhood slowly warmed up for the periwinkle soup ahead.

To be continued

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