“why are you staring at me in such manner?” she asked, breaking the silence between us,

“because you look upset” i replied inquisitively.

“of course i’m, i hate witnessing such scenes” she murmured and rubbed her forehead.

“i’m sorry about that” i apologised.

“you don’t have to apologize, it’s no fault of yours” she replied and backed me.

“let’s go inside” i begged.

“i’m okay here” she answered coldly. I drew close, grabbing her from behind,

“c’mon don’t talk like that” i begged, while she kept quiet.
Jenny walked into the compound that moment, stopped and gazed at us with surprise. I silently stared back at her.

“you didn’t show up at school this morning, pray the principal dosen’t report you” she said coldly before walking to her room like an angry fowl. ‘Sweet periwinkle’ turned and faced me with a smile.

“hmmm she looks so intense” she remarked

“yea i equally noticed” i replied with a shrug, “so are we going to the room or not?” i asked,

“i’m staying here till the tension inside the room subsides, i really don’t know why my friend is putting up with that sh.it, that’s the main reason i hate relationships. I better remain single than subject myself to such misery” she muttered unhappily while i silently scratched my head as i studied her.

“is that how you hit yours?” she asked curiously,

“no i don’t hit girls” i replied with a smile,

“story story” she murmured,
“you guys are all the same, over demanding and selfish” she sighed,

“seems like you ain’t in any relationship'” i asked,

“yea and it’s good for my life. I prefer living freely than subjecting myself to any selfish male in the name of relationship” she replied with a frown.

“i like your spirit” i complimented. She scoffed, weighing me with her eyes,

“i know you will keep liking everything i do till you succeed in doing what you have in mind with me, i see the desire in your eyes, but sorry to disappoint you, i’m no easy girl and you won’t get anything from me unless you play ball” she poured out without reserve, shocking me immensely with her uncivilized utterance.

She gave me one last look, smiled and walked back to the room, purposely shaking her a.ss dangerously. I swallowed hard as i stared at her figure.

“how do i play ball?” i wondered as i thought over the meaning of her words.

“seems like she already has her own game plan” i reasoned with a shrug.
“Well i do like games” i smiled to myself as i re-entered my room, while Frank stared at me anxiously.

To be continued

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