“what exactly does she mean by ‘unless i play ball’?” i asked Frank after narrating what earlier went down between sweet periwinkle and i, as we walked to the market to buy a bottle of kerosine.

“i don’t know, i guess there is only one way to find out which is to ask her” he replied, scratching his head,

“alright tonight i will ask what she meant” i murmured and yawned.


Frank and his girl laid on my big mattress, while sweet periwinkle and i laid on the smaller new mattress we bought earlier in the day. She really had no problem sleeping beside me which truly was a welcomed development, but she extremely amazed us by putting on a very se.xy night wear which almost revealed all her backside. Frank’s eyes gulged with disbelief.

Her outfit really was an encouraging sign which brought out my desire as it woke my hormones. As soon as frank began having a noiseless relation with his girl, i calmly placed my hand on sweet periwinkle’s bare back.

She instantly turned and pushed off my hand, i placed it again, she shoved it aside, i placed again and again, she shoved it again and again.
All my efforts were greeted with stiff resistance yet i kept trying till she got up and left the room.

After waiting for about fifteen minutes for her to return, thinking she went out to ease herself. I got up from my bed and went in search of her. I saw her sitting on a pavement in front of my room playing with her phone. I calmly sat beside her, staring at her searchingly.

“why are you sitting here by this hour?” i asked with a calm smile. She simply hissed and said nothing.

“alright because i was disturbing you right¿ I promise not to look your way again, please let’s go inside, i’m very sorry” i apologized and begged.

“and how do i believe you?” she asked,

“i don’t know, but you have to” i murmured and stood up. She quietly stood up, faced me but refused to enter my room.

“why do you guys enjoy cheating on your girlfriends?, don’t try to deny it because i know you got one” she asked calmly, throwing me into confusion. I swallowed hard.

“you see, your guilt won’t allow you to talk, you can only have a piece of me at a price which you must pay before anything happens. So don’t ever touch me again unless you want me to embarrass you” she said before re-entering my room, leaving me totally stunned and flabbergasted.

To be continued

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