I calmly returned to my room, laid beside her and thought over all she said to me. I really saw no reason in making further advances on her nor did i see any reason in negotiating for sex. Perhaps because i felt insulted, or maybe because i lost my morale or was it guilt?.
“what’s the need in having sex with her? Is sex food? I asked myself, shrugged, backed her and focused on my thoughts, which kept me awake till i eventually managed to sleep.

7am Thursday

I opened my eyes lazily, yawned and sat up, wondering whether to attend the weekly C.D.S or not. Seriously the careless way i handled important things which almost earned me an extra year in school {university} was still terribly affecting and eating me up like a terminal disease. I stared at Frank who lazily returned my look with a contented smile.


“so how far? Were you able to poke her?” he asked curiously as we brushed our teeth in front of a mango tree. I rinsed my mouth and shook my head.

“nna eeh the girl na spoilt periwinkle she be o” i exclaimed before recounting how my night went with her. He eagerly listened to my story and stared at me with surprise when i was done, Shrugging and shaking his head with disbelief.

“so she charges for sex?” he murmured with a drawn face,

“that’s what it seems my guy, the girl really tore me apart with her words last night” i confessed. He spat and breathed deeply.

“A girl that charges for sex is called an ashewo right?” he asked,

“of course yes” i replied, staring at him inquisitively,

“and she’s my girl’s best friend” he murmured while i shrugged silently,

“could they be into this together?” he asked. I rolled my eyes and shook my head,

“i don’t think so” i replied,

“how do you know? Havn’t you heard that it’s only birds of the same feather that flock together?” he asked,

“not in 21st century my guy, moreover she might have said those words just to discourage me. We have nothing against her” i defended without knowing the reason. He rinsed his mouth, shook his head and placed a finger on his mouth, looking lost and agitated.

“there is only one way to find out” he murmured and stared at me,

“and how is that?” i asked,

“play along with her, negotiate and do whatever she demands” he explained with bright eyes. I stared at him suspiciously,

“and what will you gain from it? It won’t still confirm whether your girl is doing the same or not” i tried to object,

“just go ahead with it and leave the rest for me to decide” he insisted. I shrugged with a shoulder, forcing out a smile.

“alright since you insist, but i hate doing it” i accepted. He laughed and slapped my left shoulder.

“pretender” he murmured with bright eyes as we returned to my room. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in his dirty mind.

But whatever it was, i knew he was still very much in love with Joy.

To be continued.

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