“so how far¿ Are you giving me the money or not?” I asked Frank when i met him outside, where he was smoking a stick of cigarette.

“you can forget about the plan, it’s very obvious sweet periwinkle fu.cks for money. It pains me to think my girl could equally be into this with her” he murmured, blowing out smoke from his mouth.

“don’t talk like that, you have nothing against your girl apart from mere speculation. Living with a bad friend dosen’t automatically make someone bad, unless the person decides to be bad” i explained to him.

“what pains me the most, is that i can’t ask Joy to leave Portharcourt and return home. Not now that i’m still financially unstable, how do i support her? You know her parents are useless” he poured out unhappily.

“Portharcourt is really good on her body, don’t you see how she’s shinning?” i added with a smile. He breathed deeply and shrugged.

“i’m very scared because Joy is easily influenced, i just don’t know” he complained,

“whatever will be will be, just give her the benefit of doubt, but wait wasn’t she supposed to live with a relative or woman when you guys arranged the Portharcourt trip months ago?” i asked curiously.

“it’s really a long story bro, but she finally ended up at sweet periwinkle’s room. It really wasn’t the best choice but i couldn’t afford her returning to the village or coming to stay with me at Okitipupa, you know how it was before i finally left for Nysc” he explained, while i nodded.

“surely i do understand bro” i smiled. He said no other word till he finished the stick of cigarette minutes later. It was very obvious he had no mapped out plan.


I looked into my room from the entrance door, signalled to sweet periwinkle to come outside. She calmly obeyed, abandoning the local movie she was watching.

“i will give you 3k tomorrow” i calmly said to her,

“i need the money before anything happens between us, i don’t trust you guys” she murmured,

“c’mon i’m very serious, i swear i will give it to you tomorrow unless you want to annoy me by behaving as if i’m not trustworthy” i insisted.

“whatever! I don hear” she rolled her eyes and turned to return to my room. I grabbed her left hand stopping her.

“do we have a deal or not?” i asked curiously,

“you have one, but please do know that i agreed to do this because of my condition, i’m a respectable girl” she warned seriously.

“sure i do understand” i replied.


I drew close to her {when we retired for the night}, held her waist, placed my nose on her neck, feeling her sweet body. She kept quiet and breathed quickly as she felt my touch. I was very aroused and excited, but my conscience wouldn’t let me go further. It just looked to me as if i was taking advantage of a girl my little sister’s age.

“i can’t do it” i whispered to her.

“why? is anything wrong with me? Am i smelling or what?” she asked anxiously.

“no dear, you are alright, i don’t just want to do it anymore” i calmly replied, before looking towards Frank and his girl because i feared they were listening,

“so how about the money? I really do need it” she asked with a broken voice like someone close to tears.

To be continued.

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