She finally breathed deeply, smiled and hugged me,

“welcome baby” she greeted. I heaved a sigh of relief as we held each other tightly.

“you don’t look bad” she smiled as we walked to my room,

“you don’t either, I missed you” i confessed.
Her calm behaviour really heightened my suspence a great deal. My heart kept skipping, because i really didn’t know what was in her mind nor the surprise she planned. No matter how much she smiled, i still knew something terrible was boiling inside her.

“so what’s up, you really sounded very bad the day you invited me” i nervously asked as we sat for breakfast an hour later.

“did i?? Hmmm don’t mind me jare” she replied with a smile, without giving any definite answer.

I equally hid my fears with a calm smile, silently we ate breakfast, fully aware she was trying out something new, but as a crimminal who knew his game was up, i came fully prepared.

“i was given quite a scare this month” she said minutes later with a smile, her eyes searching me intently. I stared at her anxiously.

“my period showed up very late, for a moment i thought i was pregnant, can you imagine?” she added and laughed, while i swallowed hard, rolling my eyes,

“oh please” i breathed.


She rested on me as we silently watched an action movie. Even though my eyes were on the t.v. screen, i really wasn’t paying much attention to the movie, because her silence was truly killing me, while my guilt shook my nerves.


She took my phone, unlocked her’s, opened her phonebook {under my nose} and scrolled to a number which looked like Tessy’s phone number. She stopped and copied the number into my phone before sending it{dialling}. My heart froze.

Though i really couldn’t remember using the phone she was with to call Tessy, i was still very scared because as humans we arn’t above mistakes, and i doubted myself.

To my surprise, she allowed the call to go through even after discovering that the phone number wasn’t stored in my phone {I thought that was what she was checking, but i was very wrong}

The call soon connected with Tessy’s phone, beeping in mine, as it alerted us, i felt like fainting, i felt like snatching my phone from her but couldn’t, because i had no reason to stop her from calling anyone with my phone.

Adaora did her mind and took the law in her hands without first confronting me, perhaps because she knew i was a good liar and could maneuver her with my lying skills.

Nervously i waited as i watched the unfolding drama. She quickly switched the phone to “speak out mode” {handsfree} as soon as Tessy answered her call.

“hullo” i heard Tessy’s calm voice as she greeted, while Adaora smiled at me.

“d--n you Elinor” i cursed unhappily,

Once again, i broke the player’s code by allowing myself to be caught. But was i expecting to fool Adaora forever?

I know you all will be saying
“good for me, Adaora got wiser”…

To be continued.

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