Lots of questions instantly crossed my mind as i silently watched the unfolding drama keenly.

“how did Elinor get to her?” “how much does she know?” “what exactly is she doing?” i wondered hopelessly.

“hullo! Hullo!” Tessy greeted twice before Adaora finally cleared her throat and responded.

“hi good afternoon, sorry to bother you. My name is Ada, Val’s younger sister” she greeted fluently.

“Val’s sister?” Tessy asked with a suspicious voice,

“yea i’m his immediate younger sister, he told me all about you, though i’m not in support of what you guys are doing, i have no choice than to keep quiet since you make him happy, but that isn’t the reason i called” she poured out effortlessly, while i gasped with surprise, my heart pounding loudly as if it wanted to explode.

“so what’s the reason?” Tessy asked suspiciously,

“you see, he told me he was coming over to your place yesterday, but till this moment i’m yet to hear from him which is very unusual and i’m scared. Please is he there with you?” she asked,

“no he isn’t here with me and i’m not expecting him this weekend either, because we were together last weekend, are you sure it was my place he mentioned to you?” Tessy asked with concern,

“of course i’m very sure” she replied,

“i guess i’ll have to ask around and call you back. Don’t be scared okay” Tessy murmured and hung up. Adaora then faced me with a dry smile, i swallowed hard.

“don’t you have anything to ask or say to me?” she asked seriously. I shrugged with a shoulder and shook my head.

“i think you are messing with someone’s head, what do you expect me to say or ask ‘kwanu?'” i replied unseriously. She bit her lips and stared at me murderously.

“c’mon why do you look so intense? I wasn’t listening to your call nau” i defended with a fake smile.

“alright since that’s how you want to play it, no problem. I’ll be going over to your sugar mummy’s house with your sister this evening. Shameless boy” she barked and sprang up. I quickly jerked forward, drawing her back to my body.

“how do i defend myself?”, “how do i lie?”, “how do i twist my words?” i wondered as she stared at me curiously. It was very obvious she was well informed and prepared.
Elinor’s revenge was all about destroying my relationship with Adaora {and perhaps Tessy} using a single stone, and I knew she was equally making use of a giant catapult to accomplish it.

“there is no need disgracing me in front of my family, things are not as they seem, but i know your informant already did a good job, all i beg is for you not to tell my family the reason we broke up. I don’t deserve you and i have no explanation whatsoever” i murmured a bit arrogantly but unhappily..

“Val i will deal with you even if it turns me into a bitter old lady” Adaora swore, spat on me and ran into her room.

To be continued

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