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Special scenes *life as a corper* 58


“I can’t believe you did this to me, i can’t believe all i heard about you is very true. God why?, why did you allow this miserable boy to find his way into my heart?” Adaora cried in her room. I swallowed hard and tried to console her, but she quickly sprang up and stared at me murderously.

“don’t touch me you devil. What did i do to you?, why do you want to destroy my life? Imagine sleeping with an old woman, tufiakwa, I just pray you havn’t passed a terrible disease to me, you are not getting away with this. I swear” she barked. I nervously stared at her, stood up after a while and left her room. I was totally confused and mad.

I ran to my room, locked the døor, unlocked my travelling bag, fetched my other phone and called Tessy nervously

“hi Val i’ve been trying to reach you, where are you?” she asked seriously,

“Tess, there is a big problem ooo’ i murmured, “my girl is going crazy because someone from your side told her about us just like i feared” i poured out nervously.

“serious?, i think i now understand, because a girl who claimed to be your younger sister actually called my line moments ago, but how are you sure the fault is from my end eeh?” she asked, “anyway just calm down and let her be for the moment, she will come around later. Please don’t do anything silly and allow her to come to terms with what she just discovered” Tessy advised.

“you mean i should sit , wait and do nothing?” i asked with disbelief,

“of course yes, just let her be for the moment” she affirmed, but i really found her advice very awkward and weak. I sighed and rudely hung up.
I truly had expected her to offer a more solid advice, which truly was the main reason i called her by that hour.

I dropped my phone, locked my bag and returned to Adaora’s room.

“i know your mind is very bitter, but believe me when i say that i never had any sexual encounter with her, Adaora we never got to that stage” I lied unconvincingly,
“anyway i’m leaving your life for good, because i failed you woefully and i promise never to cross your path ever again. Just don’t tell my family about this incident please, i beg of you” i pleaded without thinking properly. She blew her nose, bit her lips, stared at me angrily, before throwing a glass cup which narrowly missed my head at me.

“No mister, you got it all wrong, the first thing i will do is to ring your mum and tell her everything. You ain’t escaping, nor going anywhere till i finish with you, coward, liar, i will humilate and make you pay for your actions”, She shouted and advanced towards me like an angry cat, grabbed an electric iron lying carelessly on the table {few steps away from me} and hit it on my head, again and again without minding the physical harm she was doing to me.

I felt great pain as blood tickled down, but i never moved an inch nor fought back. All i fought was the great pain in my heart.

To be continued.

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11 thoughts on “Special scenes *life as a corper* 58

  • boll2010

    Abeg bros dis suspense dey tear my heart……shed more light to d dark world biko

  • strongman

    Hahahah!Enough intrigue! Am sitted tight, waiting to see how things unfold… Nice write up bro! U are d best that I have seen

  • lammyjoe

    dis one na heart stabbing probs oooooooooooo

  • Danny

    Seriously I’ve been following this site for months and I must say Val, you’re lousy n weak… Really, I love the suspense but your actions were that of a complete mugu!

    How couldn’t you foresee what Elinor would do? It was so obvious and instead of showing your Tessy the text messages and formulating a plan, you just allowed her ruin your relationship… Shame on you!

    And now you allowed Ada slam your head with an iron repeatedly! Mr, you’re not a man… It’s okay for a woman to be mad at you but allowing her hit you like a slave is just pathetic… Sorry about my words but I’m seriously pissed at you man


      I deserve every word bro. Seriously i’m not without many faults. You know we all make mistakes.

  • Kahuna

    What We Do For Love.

  • Danny

    Val, come calm dis anger with a new update Biko…. I wan know Wetin Adaora go do… Kai!!!!

  • dabrake

    To be sincere sha, I feel for Adaora. d--n Elinor

  • Damex333

    D--n elinor, but you shouldn’t allow adaora to treat you like a slave jor. Habatically

  • desertboom

    Val, I know you were guilty perhaps you allowed her hit you as a consolation to your guilty conscience.

    Never ever allow a woman hit you again, women act on impulse, they can use sharp objects, knife and anything to calm themselves since they’re guided by emotion.

    Besides, you will appear more like a weakling in her eyes should the act persist in any such situation.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ve learnt much and also thanks for being sincere.

  • Zinny-zara

    guy i’m a babe bt i’m seriously angry wit u..hw can u allow a gal hit u lyk dat?..fact is ur marriage wit adaora wuld b a big mistake *gess i dnt even know hw best 2 describe it*..dude fact is u r in an abusive relationship wit dat gal..u feel she is ur hapiness bt she is actually ur doom..i neva supported ur relationship wit Tessy bt adaora has no rite watsoeva 2 inflict physical pains on u..she is nt d 1st babe her guy did such nd neither wuld she b d last..u r nt in a relationship..u r in BONDAGE

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