“yes dear c’mon” she moaned deliriously. I f.ingered her for a while, pulled down my trouser and knicker, stared at her with hesitation, swallowed hard and wondered whether to go on with the last lap or not.

She laid on her back and smiled at me,

“finish it baby”, “don’t make me wait” she urged. Her body extremely hot and willing.

I only had one wrap of cond.om left in my wallet and i really didn’t know how to bring it out,

“what will she think of me when she discovers i go out with cond.oms in my wallet, will she still think highly of me” i wondered as i stared at her with hesitation,

“baby it isn’t fair c’mon” she begged,

I breathed deeply reached for my trouser, brought out my wallet, opened and fetched the last wrap of con.dom in it. Truly i never planned on having sex with her that fateful day, it was just something which happened in an impulse and which was caused by the energy that sparked between us.

I quietly opened the con.dom and slid it on. She breathed deeply as i closed in on her once again,

In an agile, fleet motion, i was inside her. The smooth t----t was graceful, efficient and hot. She let out a deep moan as she felt my rod slid inside her.
“you are so dam.n good” she murmured as she gasped for breathe when we were done. I smiled and said nothing as i cleaned up, while guilt instantly filled my mind like a guy who just self serviced. Well i really wasn’t any different, because what i did was equally in the same category with ‘self-servicing’, the only difference is that i serviced a lady instead of myself.

“D--n I just cheated on Adaora again, digging another feet on my grave”

“whatever will be, will be” i concluded as i entered her toilet to clean up….


“thanks alot for everything” Tessy murmured gratefully with a smile when we were about to return to the big sitting room. I smiled and said nothing,

“hope next time you will go more than one round?” she asked jokingly as she opened her bed drawer. I scoffed and said nothing.

“here is twenty thousand naira, just manage it for your transportation and feeding in Imo, from now onwards you are my responsibilty” she said with a smile, while I gasped at her generosity, breathed deeply and shook my head,

“this is outrageously much na haba, i can’t accept it” i declined. She instantly frowned looked away and stood up.

“seriously, i do hate it when you behave this way, i won’t forgive you if you refuse to go home with this money” she insisted.
I returned to Adaora’s house later in the evening, so tired, messed up and with a guilty conscience. I was twenty thousand naira richer. A very rich sum considering the thing i did to earn it, however in a way i really was nothing but a part time gigolo, a thought which left a bitter feeling in my mind.

Adaora was already at home when i arrived. Due to my guilt i found it hard to stare at her face, surprisngly she paid no attention nor noticed my mood, perhaps because all her attention were on her hair which she fixed hours ago, and which She kept checking out on the mirror as if she was preparing for a beauty pageant.

I really wasn’t comfortable with the money Tessy gave me, because it kept reminding me of what i did with her. I knew the only way i could get it off my mind was to spend it recklessly.

A smile suddenly appeared on my face, i quickly changed my clothes, and walked up to Adaora,

“baby let’s spend the night out” i murmured sweetly and held her waist. She instantly stared at me with surprise as she searched my face for any hidden motive, but she saw none.

She breathed deeply as a sweet smile appeared on her young face, happiness and love engulfing her soul.

“there is no better way to spend Tessy’s money, than Making Adaora happy with it” i reasoned….

To be continued.

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