“so let’s call her” she added {searchingly}, perhaps expecting me to come up with an excuse. I simply breathed deeply and nodded,

“alright suit yourself madam” i accepted. She cleaned my head with a ‘face towel’ before walking to the sitting room. I calmly followed her, clueless on how to dissuade her from making the phone call.

“please be polite when talking to her, she isn’t our mate” i heard myself plead. She forced out a smile, sat on a couch and grabbed my phone. I quietly sat beside her, my heart pounding furiously.
“hullo” she greeted calmly as soon as Tessy answered her {phone} call,

“Val’s sister abi?” Tessy asked with a sarcastic tone,

“yea good afternoon, i’m very sorry for disturbing, but i really want to clear some issues with you, please forgive my manners, i’m not Val’s sister but his fiancee” she quickly said,

“oh i see” I heard Tessy murmur,

“so please can we meet, it’s very important?” She asked pleadingly,

“sure! but i dey Abuja oooo” Tessy replied lightly,

“me too, hope tomorrow will be alright?” Adaora asked happily, while Tessy hesitated a bit. Perhaps she was very surprised when she learnt of Adaora’s location.

“okay” she murmured,

“so where can i meet you?” Adaora asked,

“is Val there with you?” i heard her ask, avoiding Adaora’s question.

“yes he is” Adaora answered without wasting time,

“he knows my house dear. It really will be an honour to have you guys at my house tomorrow, just call me an hour before you start coming please” She replied and hung up a bit rudely. Adaora stared at me with a smile.

“I guess it’s settled then” she said to me,

“your phone will be mine for the rest of the day” she added and left for her room, {without knowing that i came with a second phone}, which was safely locked in my ‘travelling bag’.

Wasting no time, i ran into my room, locked the door, brought out the phone and called Tessy with it. I nervously explained the situation to her, but she didn’t even allow me to finish before interrupting me.

“your girl is very rude, does she think i’m her mate. I hate this child’s play mtcheeew” she hissed and hung up, leaving me totally pissed and surprised.

“what the hell is wrong with her?” i wondered, praying she dosen’t come up with her own silly plan nor mess me up before Adaora.

Just like Desertboom said,
“most women act on impulse” and so i really was very scared, because i couldn’t predict the future, Adaora’s plan nor Tessy’s mind.
I was afraid of tomorrow

To be continued.

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