2pm, Sunday, Tessy’s house

Adaora and i were ushered into Tessy’s sitting room by her house girl who welcomed us polietly. We quietly settled down on a sofa as we waited for Tessy to show up.

My heart pounded furiously as i trembled inside, out of great fear and suspence that held me. I was so scared because i truly didn’t know what to expect.

I really tried reaching Tessy on phone again the previous evening, after the little chat i first had with her, in order to straighten things up, but she appeared so upset that she hung up each time she heard my voice. I unsuccessfully tried my luck thrice hoping she would listen.
A great risk i took, imagine what could have happened supposing Adaora caught me calling her.

However the only hope i had was that she clearly listened to me the first time i called her, which was enough to make her a bit reasonable if she really cared for me like she claimed.

I kept praying silently as we waited for her to show up, what a terrible sunday it was for me, and to crown it all, i was dragged to church by Adaora earlier in the day, something i can’t remember her doing.

So surprised i was when she woke me up by 6am to prepare for sunday church service, and In order to please her, i accepted, even though i cursed her silently.

“A great sinner like me, what really will i be asking dear God in his holy temple for?. To help me with more lies? Or to block Adaora’s eyes from seeing my deceptions eeh?? or is it to make me a better person?, when deep down i’m n’t yet ready to change. What exactly?” i wondered.

Hmmmm It truly was a very traumatizing sunday for me, but thanks to our dear Roman Catholic church, sunday service ended very quickly without anyone asking me to jump and fire cannons of holy ghost fire like our dear pentecostal brothers do.
“are you okay? You look terrible” i heard Adaora whisper in my ear, bringing my wandering soul back with her inquisitive eyes. I forced out a dry smile which carried no force.

Just that moment, Tessy came into the sitting room from her room, closely followed by our dear Elinor who had a perfect smile on her face. The smile clearly showed how happy she was because she cleverly manipulated and had us where she wanted.

“d--n” i cursed as i thought deeply, counting my teeth with my tongue and realising we just got badly played.

To be continued.

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