“hullo Happy sunday” Tessy welcomed us, hugging Adaora, “so glad to see you” she added,

“me too” Adaora responded polietly. I watched nervously.
Tessy really appeared very calm and composed, she wore a native attire which made her look very lovely and distinguished.

She quickly led us to the dinning table as if she invited us for lunch. Elinor never uttered a word as the whole drama unfolded, all she did was just to hide behind her smile, behaving like an angel who couldn’t hurt a fly, not even when Tessy introduced her to Adaora did she utter a word, pretending as if she didn’t know who she was.
However Adaora equally behaved the same way, which really got me very confused as i wondered if she was simply pretending or being plain honest.{remember Adaora and i met Elinor the first time at Aunt Martha’s office}.

Elinor’s presence really disoriented me, making my heart pound furiously as I kept asking myself numerous unanswered questions. Adaora equally surprised me by not asking Tessy any embarrassing question, instead kept scanning her with her eyes as if it mattered.

“so what do you do for a living, are you a graduate?” Tessy asked Adaora as we ate the food before us,

“Nysc things, i’m serving here in Abuja” she replied, while Tessy raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“how long have you guys been together?” she asked,

“since childhood” Adaora answered, forcing Tessy and Elinor to exchange glances, while i scoffed.

“so how about your Children? I havn’t seen them” Adaora asked with a smile,

“yea my cousin took them out, they disturb alot” she smiled, while Adaora nodded,

“i’ll show you my son’s birthday pictures after the meal” she added polietly. The state of my mind as they discussed really was terrible, but Adaora seemed to be enjoying the whole drama.

“thanks for the delicious meal and thanks for having us in your house, i definetly will call you some other time so we can have a little private chat. I just got myself a new friend” She said to a surprised Tessy who instantly blushed, while i froze.

Adaora really planned her moves so well and clean that she countered all my tricks with her own sleek manoeuvres, unsettling me and raising my blood pressure. I knew with the way things were going that i would end up losing Tessy, which was exactly what Elinor wanted.

Tessy was thus a victim of circumstance without realising it.

To be continued.

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