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Special scenes *life as a corper* 64


“Val can we discuss privately?”, Tessy said to me as Adaora went through her children’s pictures, after the meal. I hesitated a bit, while Adaora looked up suspiciously.

“i won’t take much of your time please” She added and stood up. I breathed deeply before standing, i really wasn’t comfortable leaving Adaora alone with Elinor, but i equally couldn’t ‘say no’ to our host.
I calmly followed her to the other wing of the house, where she stopped, turned and stared at me seriously.

“why did you bring her here?, how could you do something so silly?” she asked with a drawn face,

“didn’t you ask us to come?” i answered curiously,

“i was only bluffing, now where do this leave us?” she asked seriously.

“i really don’t know” i replied sincerely.

“she now knows my face, knows my name, knows where i live and wants to be friends with me, are you blind not to see what is happening eeh?” she asked,

“the person responsible for everything is your friend Elinor, she’s the brain behind all that’s happening, arn’t you surprised that all these are happening just a week after i reported her behaviour to you?” I asked. She rubbed her face and looked down in doubt.

“Val i can’t afford to lose you, i do apologize for the way i behaved yesterday, you know my feelings were hurt when your ‘Ada’ called me. So what do you suggest we do?” she held my hands and stared at me seriously.

“you won’t breathe a word about us to anyone especially to Elinor, from this moment. That’s the only way out, we can still continue seeing each other secretly, but not in your house anymore” i managed to say. A frown instantly appeared on her face.

“all these troubles just to have you huh?” she asked coldly,

“yea it’s either that or nothing” i replied. She sighed,

“why are you scared of that Jerk you call your girlfriend? I think i have to put her in her place, before she does more damage” She said, hissed and returned to the sitting room, without bothering to hear my response..

“i know you are having a relationship with her, and i also know she’s way too young to do business with your dad. I think i got all the information i needed, so what do i do with you?” Adaora asked on our way home, thirty minutes later. I simply ignored her, looked out of the taxi window and pretended as if i didn’t hear her. It really was a big mistake taking her to Tessy’s house.

“i don’t think you love me, because If you do, you won’t be cheating on me with every woman that comes your way, how long will i endure this” she sobbed inside the car, without caring that we weren’t alone.

“i had a tough time fighting Chinwe, how do i fight Tessy? How do i face such a mean lady?. I hate you Val, i hate you” she sobbed

To be continued.

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7 thoughts on “Special scenes *life as a corper* 64

  • desertboom

    Hmmmm. . . I like your girl Adaora. I often like young, intelligent and aggresive kind of girl.

  • fidel

    i realy hate to hear abt adaora bing sad. She has realy tried for u and i tel u only very few privilege women lk her can b down to earth d way she is. I pray u dont miss her cos if u do, u may ll rember dat for d rest of ur life. Those dat complain abt adaora being violent did not follow d story from d begining. Pls tel me hw adaora is doin now val. I cant wait to attend u guys’ wedding.

    • Danny

      I’ve followed this story from N-------d till date, so I know when I say Adaora has violent tendencies… It’s not the first time… Unless u condone violence from women to men??? She has a right to protect her turf but if she feels she cannot change Val, she should walk away! By trying to fight every girl that comes to Val is only going to push Val more into the arms of other girls…

  • Kahuna

    @danny Affirmative

  • el-macho

    Kai, mr val, ur tessy is not doing her own side of the deal wel, why would she get angry wit adaora, ur fiancee, when she is just a ‘mummy’, leme not add suger cos u aint collecting her cash

  • fidel

    bro i tel u it is better to ve a woman who ll alwaz xpres her feelin dan d one who ll keep mute only to stab u wen she get d opportunity to do so. Note d only problem ada ve wt val is, val pls keep ur hormone in checcccck. I tel u it pain to luv someone who ll alwaz cheat on u even for no reason and her greatest fear now is val ever goin to change.

    • Danny

      I understand her pain as I was once a victim even as a guy… But the truth remains if she cannot stand her man behaving like a regular guy with excessive testosterone which is not to excuse Val, she can walk away with dignity and tell her family it didn’t work out! She’s only interested in the family hegemony with Val’s family and not love… Love will make her reason rationally and allow her walk… The other time she broke up with Val, she reported him to his mum… Why? It means if they get married, she will keep reporting Val to both her mum and his! That is simply ridiculous men!!!!!

      I’m not excusing Val but Adaora should let him go if she cannot stand his ways…

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