I was in my room updating my stories, when Tessy’s call came through. I quickly answered it with fear.

“hope your madam isn’t around?” she asked jokingly,

“no, she’s in her room” i replied,

“i’ll love to see you tomorrow by 9am at my house” she said to me,

“c’mon you know it’s impossible, remember we agreed not to meet in your house again” i replied,

“it’s not impossible and we never agreed on anything” she murmured,

“i ain’t coming, i’m travelling tomorrow” i said to her,

“we have something important to discuss, alright don’t bother coming to my house, let’s meet at my shop then” she asked of me.

“hmmmm, i’ll think about it” i breathed deeply and answered,

“9am, remember, kiss kiss” she said and hung up.


I walked into Adaora’s room, stared at her for a while before placing a kiss on her cheek,

“goodnight my dear” i whispered into her ear, and turned to leave.

“you can lie beside me, i don’t bite” she said quietly, making space for me on her bed. I smiled, lowered myself beside her, and held her softly.

“how good is she in bed?” i heard her ask minutes later,

“who?” i asked nervously,

“Tessy”, “she’s really a beautiful woman, and i can’t imagine how she’s giving it to you” she said, sat up and stared at me. I bit my lips angrily.

“stop being too dramatic my dear, you are annoying me with your nonsense talk” i sighed, got up and left her room.
“Val you are being rude to me” she shouted after me.


Adaora walked into my room, sat on the bed and placed her hand on my chest,

“good morning, hope you slept well?” she asked,

“yea” i replied and yawned,

“i’m about preparing for work, is there anything you want me to help you with?” she asked calmly,

“no i’m okay” i answered,

“okay then let me go and dress up, there is bread on the dinning table, you can have it for breakfast” she said to me before leaving the room.

By 7:35AM she left for work, while i quickly took my bath, ate the bread and headed to Tessy’s shop. The evil spirit that always led me to her was at work again.

Tessy’s Office

Tessy breathed deeply as she saw me walk into her cute office, located at the back of her shop. She instantly rose from her chair and advanced towards me.

“you owe me alot after what happened yesterday” she murmured as she stopped before me, drawing down my jaw, our lips clasped, sending huge energy into us.

“awwwww how much i missed you, i felt like strangling that obnoxious Ada girl yesterday” she moaned, while I breathed deeply. There was fire in her eyes as she stared at me.

“i felt so terrible, hurt and unhappy last night. I was unable to sleep because i couldn’t stop thinking about what you might be doing with her, i felt very very bad” she said with a naughty expression, forcing me to back away from her.

“Tessy i’m sorry to say this but you are scaring me, you sound sick” i said with fright, which further coloured her face.

“don’t be despicable, i’m equally a woman with feelings, i deserve some respect” she said with a slightly raised tone, frightening me more….

“what has gotten into everyone” I wondered.

To be continued.
Betrayal comes up later in the Day. DONIGSPAIN’S story has been updated!

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