“I came because i have something important to tell you, that’s equally the main reason i accepted your invitation” i calmly said to Tessy,

“you are a very beautiful and adorable lady with a nice heart, but i really can’t keep decieving myself nor toying with your feelings, you don’t deserve it. I came to do the most honourable thing, which is to end our relationship” i announced carefully, “It won’t lead us anywhere dear, and my future is what i really do need to focus on right now, not flying to Abuja every weekend. I find you amusing and interesting but i have to let you go” I poured out calmly, while she stared at me with shock, her lips quivered as my words registered in her head.

Truly i never planned on saying those words to her, nor earlier intended to end our relationship, but with the direction things were heading, i had no choice, moreover Adaora was becoming more and more unpredictable and less gullible. I really couldn’t risk pushing her to the limit.

I wasn’t a fool not to accept defeat when defeated. Yea Elinor won me, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Moreover Tessy’s behaviour that morning equally got to my nerves, sending a red signal of what might come up in future between us, thus forcing the idea of ending things with her into my head. Sincerely, our relationship also wasn’t giving any long term benefits to me.

However, till this moment i really can’t say what gave me such morale to utter those serious words. It just looked as if a powerful spirit flew into my body and spoke through my mouth.

“i can’t believe what i’m hearing, please tell me you are pulling my legs?” she begged nervously.

“i’m sorry, but i’m very serious and nothing will change my mind” i murmured plainly.

“is she the one influencing you? Did Ada get you to tell me this nonsense? What is it you want?” she screamed, forcing me to grab her, covering her mouth with my left palm.

“we really don’t have a future together don’t you see? Moreover my girlfriend is almost closing in on us and i wouldn’t want to lose her for anything” i explained,

“i know this has been in your heart all along, first you never talked about your girlfriend, then all of a sudden you began accusing my best friend, later opened up about having a girlfriend and now this. Why? why? why? Is it money you want? Tell me” she forcefully pushed me away {from her body} and asked with wet eyes.

“you are very insensitive Val, you of all people. I can’t believe i gave myself cheaply to a small boy like you only to get played” she cried,

“i planned on taking you abroad after your Nysc, hoping we could get married and settle down there. I had good intentions for you” she poured out without checking herself, while i gasped without holding my tongue.

“god forbid” i exclaimed, “stop talking nonsense please” i begged,

“you are the person talking nonsense dear, but i’m sorry to tell you that i’m not a school girl you can use and dump when it pleases you. You must take responsibility for your actions. Just leave me alone please, i don’t want to see your face” she screamed angrily, forcing me to back away with fear.
I really have never seen her in such frenzy.

“I knew what an angry girl is capable of, but i couldn’t risk waiting to experience what an angry older lady is capable of doing”.

I fearfully left her shop and headed home.

To be continued
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