TUESDAY 21st August 2012

I drove into a government owned community secondary school within Osu local government area. The school was my place of primary assignment. I drove in with fear and a fast pounding heart.

I really had prayed to be posted in a local government council headquarters, but some forces beyond my powers thought otherwise, so i really had no choice than to obey. I needed nobody to remind me that the day of reckoning has finally arrived, a time to test the knowledge and skills i acquired in the university. “GOD help me” I prayed.
“i never knew they were sending another corper to me” the principal, a chubby old man murmured, after asking some inquisitive annoying questions. I shrugged and said nothing, praying for him to reject me.

The stress of the past few days were really telling on me. I had sex with tessy on saturday, kept late night with Adaora that same saturday , headed back to Owerri on sunday, spent the previous day fixing my car, running around from one location to another as i made last minute preparations, coupled with shuttles i ran to and fro Nysc state headquarters as i desperately tried to do some funny deeds.

D--n i really was so stressed up, down and a bit high with temper as i sat in the principal’s office listening to his boring talk that tuesday afternoon, which ranged from history, to politics then to school policies. I really couldn’t wait for him to finish.

“so will you like to stay in our corper’s lodge?” he asked as he signed the acceptance form,

“it depends sir, but i will prefer to stay alone” i replied with every bit of politeness i could muster, yet my comment annoyed him. He frowned and looked at me coldly,

“offcourse i will pay for it, if you won’t mind” i shrugged and muttered. He breathed deeply and relaxed a bit.

“my son i really do not approve of my corpers staying alone, but since it’s your choice, i have a place you will like, two other corpers are equally living there” he said to me before sending for a teacher who came minutes later.

“Jude here is a new corper they just sent us, he will be assisting the Agric and biology teachers” he introduced. I politely got up and shook hands with him.

“take him to sir pee’s house, so that he can arrange for his own accomodation there, since he dosen’t need ours” he muttered to the teacher who instantly nodded.

Minutes later we headed to Sir pee’s house in my car. My mind really was occupied with numerous thoughts. I truly wasn’t happy that i was accepted in that damned school.

After some negotiations between sir pee’s wife, the teacher and i, we settled for ten thousand naira for ten months, which i instantly paid. A fair price considering how lovely the room was, even though it wasn’t a selfcontained room.

I stuffed my loads on a section of the room, headed back to the school, dropped the teacher before driving straight to Nysc L.G.A office for the final file-work.

I finished {almost everything} very late in the evening and headed straight to my new lodge with hunger, tension, and fatigue, taking a great toll on me.

I got to my lodge around 6:45pm, entered my room, and instantly gasped as i realised that the room needed to be washed, and set up. I had no water, nor knew anywhere, or even had the strength for any strenious work.

“how do i solve this problem and who will help me?” was the question i kept asking myself as i unhappily left the room and lazily sat on a pavement very dejected, weak and hungry.

I really grew up to be a very lazy boy. How do i go about all these, Soon it will be night-fall??…

To be continued….

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