“i can’t believe we were just robbed” Adaora sobbed as she hugged me. I felt very bad and ashamed about everything, but i hid my feelings, quietly broke away from her and stood up with a painful smile after regaining my strength.

“c’mon baby, stop lamenting, let’s check the other rooms and see if they were tampered with” I said to her,

“what if those guys are still around? Let’s wait till dawn please” she murmured fearfully.

“get the phones dear, i’m very sure they have left” i replied with a deep breathe. She hesitated before silently retrieving our phones from where she hid them{ which took her quite an effort, because we were in darkness}.

Using the little light our handsets had, we walked to the sitting room.
But I wasn’t surprised when we eventually got there and discovered that the t.v decoder and d.v.d machine were gone. My room however was untouched, though there was no valuable thing in it anyway. {Adaora’s room is the first when coming from either the sitting room or kitchen}.

We calmly made our way to the second corridor to check the fuse box, which we discovered was switched off. With a deep breathe, i switched it on, while Adaora smiled as the bulbs glowed. We thereafter went outside to fetch a bewildered security man who couldn’t believe his ears when we told him what happened us. However I asked myself lots of questions the following morning after discovering that the family living next door wasn’t robbed

The events of that fateful night really shook Adaora alot and made her insist on travelling to Imo state with me which i finally gave in to, because i was left with no choice.

On Wednesday morning i headed back to Owerri with Adaora by my side, and by 7pm that fateful evening, we arrived at my lodge.

I truly wasn’t confortable with her presence, but i equally was a bit glad that she was willing to face a tough life for my sake. Frank was in my room chatting with Sonia and Jenny when we walked in, they smiled happily as they welcomed us.

However Jenny’s bright smile instantly turned into a dark scowl after I introduced Adaora to them, while Frank was all smiles as he hugged Adaora

“welcome to a new life” he jokingly said to her..

“I pray nothing bad happens” i murmured to myself with mixed feelings.

To be continued.

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