“Jesus!” Adaora screamed, holding me tightly. I quickly murmured silent prayers as cold shiver ran through me.

Three men came upon us breathing heavily as if they crawled out of a grave. I instantly felt great pain as a hard object landed heavily on my head, making me collaspe on the floor, while Adaora knelt by my side, extremely scared and lost.

Within few minutes the bandits expertly ransacked the whole room, seizing Adaora’s jewellery, expensive shoes{her dad sent her from abroad} and even her hand bag. They totally swept the whole room, though we were lucky they didn’t discover the phones and laptops she hid inside an old carton filled with old newspapers.

“where are your phones?” one of them barked, as he grabbed the old Nokia phone Adaora was holding. I tried to say something, but lost my voice due to fear which engulfed me.

“we were robbed inside a taxi this afternoon, we have nothing but the little you have already seized” i heard Adaora mutter nervously, but her words infuriated them immensely, earning me more kicks and blows which they rendered on me without pity. Seriously if not for Musa’s voice which interrupted them as he sang outside Adaora’s window that moment, perhaps they would have left me in a more terrible state.

Musa’s voice rang out as he walked towards the backward, passing through Adaora’s window and flashing his torch aimlessly. Maybe the electricity that went off earlier alerted him or perhaps he was simply doing his night round. Whatever it was, his action really stopped the hoodlums who frooze and waited patiently till he moved away. One of them, squatted by my side, breathing heavily as he pressed a steel object on my head.

“one sound from you and you are gone” he threatened, while another held Adaora strongly.

Musa the security man soon disappeared, leaving us once again to our fate. The hoodlums quickly whispered among themselves, before leaving the room noiselessly.

“if anything should happen to us as we leave, we will come back to finish what we started” they threatened as they left. But their threats really wasn’t necessary because i was still in a big shock with my left eye swollen and hurting.

“my baby thank God they didn’t kill you for me. God will surely repay them, for a moment i feared they came for your life” Adaora cried as she hugged me like an elder sister, while i thanked God for my life, even though i felt ashamed as i did it, because i truly had dared God on numerous ocassions.

To be continued shortly.

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