After Adaora had settled down, i went over to my land-lady’s apartment to greet her. I gave her children the bread i brought for them, spent few minutes with them, before returning to my room. However i ran into Jenny on my way back.

She gave me an askance look, blocked me and folded her hands.

“Jenny baby, why are you frowning na, don’t you know it makes you look very ugly?” i asked with a smile. She sighed and rolled her eyes,

“i really missed everything about you” i added jokingly. She scoffed with a clap.

“so gist me the latest, What’s happening at school?” I asked curiously,

“and why should i tell you eeh?” she asked with a drawn face. I drew nearer and held her hands strongly.

“madam what did i do to you na? Are we not friends again?, abeg gist me small nau” i pleaded calmly. She shook her head and looked away.

“Akunna your girlfriend is pregnant, that’s the latest news” she said and made to leave, but i quickly hid my surprise, held her strongly, and prevented her from leaving.

“are you serious?, who got her pregnant?” i asked curiously.

“i don’t know, she refused to disclose that piece of information to anyone and it’s really causing quite a commotion in the Village. You know her dad is a retired policeman? He almost killed the girl on sunday” She narrated, while i shrugged with surprise.

“didn’t she tell you, i thought you guys were….?” she murmured mockingly, wrapping her question with a dirty smile, which said a thousand words to me.

“you thought we were what?” i asked nervously,

“never mind, but i pray she dosen’t name you oooo hmmm” she said with a weird tone, while i gasped.

Akunna slept only once in my room and i really was unable to do anything with her that fateful night, because she offered herself so easily, which kind of scared me away, {even though i nursed some dirty plans for her}.

“did you hear anything else, please speak up” i urged as i breathed heavily on her.

“hey easy jor, i heard nothing else pleassssse” She coldly answered before walking away, leaving me to my thoughts. I returned to my room with a heavy mind.

I really had no concrete reason to be scared, but Jenny’s news actually shook me alot, sending great fear into me as if i was the person responsible.

“so Akunna was pregnant all the time she was coming close to me?” i wondered seriously, “no, no, no, it can’t be. I must seek her out tomorrow, yes i must” i concluded nervously. Adaora however was the first to notice my changed mood….

“you look lost, are you okay?” She asked searchingly as she held me.

“Kpoom kpoom kpoom!!!” My heart pounded.

To be continued shortly.

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