“seems like you guys are crazy, how am i responsible for your sister’s problem?, abeg make una no provoke me oo, this is not like the other incident i allowed you guys to go free after humiliating me” i shouted at them. My voice brought Adaora and Akunna out from my room, while the boys stared at me murderously, lacking the morale to throw the first punch.

“kelvin, what’s wrong with you?, why are you being so despicable?, you are embarrassing me” Akunna cried, forcing the boys to murmur among themselves, as they waited for kelvin to decide the next line of action.

“he is the guy right?, answer me, is he the guy responsible for for……..?” kelvin nervously asked his sister, pointing to her stomach with a shaking finger.

“what is happening here?, my house is no market place, you all should leave my house this moment and settle your dispute elsewhere” The landlady barked angrily, jolting everyone with her loud voice. Akunna hissed and left the compound, the boys eyed me before going after her, while i shrugged and returned to my room with Adaora.

“what’s happening?” she asked as soon as we were alone.

“Akunna is pregnant and her brothers are accusing me of being responsible” i replied.

“don’t tell me you had sex with that girl?” she asked with disgust,

“of course not, how could you ask such a question eeh?,” i asked with a frown. She shrugged.

“i don’t know, i don’t think those guys came out so openly to accuse you, without being sure of themselves” she replied intelligently. I shook my head, breathed deeply and threw myself on the bed.

“being too friendly with locals dosen’t always end up well, now the silly girl is pregnant, who knows what else those hoodlums are planning” She murmured to herself, before focusing her attention back to the movie showing on the television screen.


She gently shook me, waking me from sleep. I lazily opened my eyes and stared at her inquisitively,

“there is a woman at the door, she urgently wants to speak with you” Adaora said to me. I sat up, rubbed my face and went to my door.

“hello, i’m Akunna’s mum” The woman greeted as soon as our eyes met.

“yes i know, good evening ma” i responded polietly,

“I heard my son came to your room to cause trouble, i’m very sorry for that” she apologized calmly.

“oh don’t worry about that ma, it was just a little misunderstanding and nothing else” i replied with a smile.

“yea and the misunderstanding is actually what brought me here. Please Can you follow me to my house, so we could straighten things once and for all? Akunna’s dad and everyone is waiting for you there. We heard you denied being responsible, but since my daughter has refused to disclose the identity of the person responsible, we all will love it, if you can deny culpability before everyone, because every finger is actually pointing at you” she asked of me.

I silently raised my eyebrows, deep in thought.

To be continued.

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