“no madam, how can i come to your house to answer for something i know nothing about?, what you are asking of me is totally outrageous. I’m sorry, i can’t do it” I replied calmly, with a drawn face.

“I think it’s the only chance you have in clearing your name, anyway i can’t force you. Good day” she murmured unhappily and turned to leave. I breathed deeply, thinking over her last words.

“surely there isn’t any harm in going over to her house to clear my name, moreover she was very civil and respectful with her request” i reasoned deeply.

“i will be there in ten minutes” i heard myself say as she left. She instantly stopped, turned and stared at me with a sharp smile, before leaving the compound without another word.

“what does she want with you?, who is she?” Adaora curiously asked as soon as i returned to my room.

“she’s Akunna’s mother, she want’s me to come over to her house and clarify issues concerning Akunna’s pregnancy” I answered with a cautious smile, as i changed my shirt. She stared at me curiously, before walking up to me.

“don’t tell me you are honouring her request?” she asked fearfully,

“I have no choice my dear” i replied calmly,

“no no no, you have a choice. What if they attack you there, what will become of you?” she asked and held me.

“don’t worry dearest, nothing will happen to me because i’m innocent” i assured her. She breathed deeply and hugged me.

“I know you are, but will they believe you? Your denial might provoke and make them violent, please don’t go” she begged. I closed my eyes, thanking my creator for making her believe me.

“Thanks for believing in me, i never knew you would” i murmured, placing my nose on her hair.

“of course i do believe you. The girl dosen’t fit into your class. I know what you can do and what you can’t do” she replied.

“i have to get going dear, don’t be scared” i said, broke away from her, and walked towards the door. I heard her call my name.

“Val wait!, let’s go together. You need a witness don’t you?” she asked, walked to the door with a smile and opened it.

“let’s go my love, i can’t let you go there alone. They have to pass through me before getting to you” she added with a smile. I shrugged and stared into her eyes.

“what do i say to this stubborn girl eeh?” i asked jokingly,

“say thank you to her” she rolled her eyes and replied.
Together we went over to Akunna’s house.

We soon got to the compound and walked into the sitting room, where an old man and two women were seated. They instantly fed their eyes on us without uttering a word.

The look on the old man’s face was very murderous and mean. Perhaps he was already convinced that i was the culprit responsible for his daughter’s predicament.

To be continued.
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