“so you are the boy eeh?” The old man suddenly asked with an angry loud voice, struggled to his feet and made to advance towards us. Adaora held me tightly, while i drew back a step with surprise.

“with all due respect sir, i don’t understand why you are being mad at me. Your daughter is pregnant, why can’t you ask her the person responsible, she isn’t a baby. I hate all these” i poured out angrily, while Akunna’s mum made signs for me to keep quiet, but i ignored her and continued with my outburst, because i was extremely angry and hurt by the old man’s behaviour.

“i have to speak up because i can’t keep enduring everything being done to me in this village” i continued.

“what? You are shouting at me in my own house, you rascal” The old man shouted, grabbed his walking stick and tried to hit me, but his wife quickly got up and held him. He violently shoved his wife aside, but the force he applied equally made him lose his step, sending him on his knees. He instantly grabbed his chest, breathing heavily, while i rushed up and helped him get to his feet.

“you see your life, you can’t calm down when doing anything, don’t worry till you fall one day and get struck by stroke, you will then realise the value of my words” the wife shouted at him.

“nne don’t talk like that to your husband in front of strangers” the second woman who had been silent all along cautioned Akunna’s mother.

“everything ends today. Woman where is your daughter?” he finally recovered his voice and asked.

“you mean Akunna? She’s inside” his wife replied,

“go and fetch her instantly” he ordered.

Two minutes later, Akunna showed up in the sitting room, her eyes were very red like someone who has been crying for a long time.

“is he the young man responsible for your predicament?” “speak up and don’t be afraid” he asked his daughter who looked down with shame.

“no papa, he isn’t” she replied quietly, leaving her dad extremely shocked.

“what!!” he exclaimed,

“dad he isn’t” she murmured again.

“then who is responsible?” he asked angrily,

“i don’t know papa, i don’t know” she replied quietly.

“may thunder blast your head and scatter your soul, bad child that flew into her mother’s womb from nowhere, you are leaving my house this moment” he barked like an animal, sending his daughter to her knees with a ferocious slap, while i scratched my head and watched on silently.

“oh my God” Adaora screamed.

To be continued.
Akunna’s dad was between 55-60yrs old during this event. His walking stick was mainly used for swag & not because he needed it that much

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