My stomach growled, yelled, kicked and bit without pity. I ran into my room opened my bag and reached for a bottle of coke and a packet of cabin biscuit.

I was soon back on the pavement eating my dinner like a street tout as i counted the weeks i would live in my new environment.

“are you the new corper who just came in?” i heard a feminine voice ask. I instantly looked towards the direction the voice came from and saw two girls looking at me. It was already dark so i really couldn’t see their faces very well.

“yea” i replied quietly,

“welcome” they chorused polietly,

“we are your neighbours and also corpers” they introduced,

“do you need any help?” one of them asked,

“no, yes” i answered nervously, “please can you help me with a broom?” i begged,

“alright follow us to our room and collect the broom” they offered. I instantly left my meal, followed them to their room where i collected the broom.

“hope you don’t need anything else?” they asked,

“no thanks alot” i replied and returned to my meal.

I got back 5% of my strength after the nice dinner i had, brought out my generator, arranged it and wired my room with the little crude experience i had. I equally pegged a wire and a bulb in my kind neighbours room. A gesture which totally, surprised and delighted them.

The two rooms were soon lighted up, giving me the electricity i so much needed to at least properly sweep my room and arrange where to sleep before the next day{ when i would wash it}.

It really was a big tiresome work, but i managed to do it crudely, without outside help. The two girls however later came into my room around 8:45pm and surprisingly kept me company.

“you were posted in the secondary school right?” one of them asked,

“yep, i will be teaching biology and agric” i replied,

“wow i teach physics there, while my friend here works in the primary school close-by” one of them explained.

They really were simple but attractive girls. One was fair and the other dark. I really admired their friendly nature, and i knew my stay really wasn’t going to be boring like i earlier feared.

“my name is Val, Imo state University” i soon introduced,

“i’m jenny,” the fair girl introduced, “sonia” the dark one murmured, “we are LASU graduates” she added, while i smiled and nodded.

“tribe?” i heard myself ask,

“yoruba nau” they chorused and looked at each other as if i asked a silly question.

9:30pm after they left for their room, i quietly went outside, switched off my generator and laid on my bed for a good night sleep.

I soon had another set of night visitors, who came in rudely without knocking, swamped on my body, sang and bit as they welcomed me. I slapped my cheeks, hit my legs and almost punctured my right eye as i tried to send them away, yet they ran only to regroup, return and fight back.

“D--n mosquitoes” i cursed as i ran out from my room, and switched on my generator once again.

They instantly retreated, as soon as i did that and patiently waited for a new opportunity to launch another vicious attack on me.

To be continued….

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