Jenny definetly was a very hot girl. Her lovely body was so sweet and edible, we had a good time doing something we could have done weeks ago, but i was only able to go in with her twice that fateful evening before her guilt overcame her.

After satisfying the cravings in her body with two super rounds, she began crying, pushed me away and covered her face with a pillow,

“holy Joseph what have i done?” she cried. I perfectly understood her feelings and guilt, It showed her conscience was working, but i couldn’t say the same for myself, because cheating has already gotten into my blood.

“how do i look at you from this moment” she murmured sadly, “how do i go back to my man?” “how do i start living a lie?” she asked herself unhappily.

Drawing close to her again, i grabbed her softly as i kissed her hair,

“you are a very nice girl dear, don’t get yourself worked up over nothing. Let the future decide for itself. The only thing that matters is that we are here for each other” i assured her.

“enough jor. You love only yourself, so please skip the sermon, i’m no school girl” she replied intelligently.

“what will become of us? Because i really don’t see us becoming lovers or anything?” she asked curiously,

“you just got it baby, let’s be nothing” i said and kissed her,

“you have finally managed to drag me into this sinful path, but i swear it won’t be easy, i’m a girl and you know how our feelings are? Don’t get crazy when i behave strangely” she warned.

I smiled, grabbed another rubber, tore and wore it gently, with a swift move, i dove into her from the back, while she shook as she felt me,

“oh no not again” she cried. I kissed her ears, caressed her neck and rode her gently, she truly was a sexy and well shaped damsel, whose organs were well positioned. I had little of no difficulty accessing them, unlike some girls.

6am wednesday

My ringing phone woke me from deep slumber. I lazily grabbed it and sat up excitedly as soon as i saw the caller. It was no other person than Akunna, i breathed deeply before answering the phone-call.

“hey where are you? And why did you turn off your handset?, everybody is worried about you?” i nervously asked her,

“yea i know, but i can’t stand the shame anymore, i’m at a friend’s house in Owerri, she promised to take me to a man who will perform a D&C for me” she answered calmly. I froze.

“a what?, can’t he give you pills intead? Don’t you know doing it in such way is very dangerous? You might bleed to death” i poured out nervously.

“i don’t care either, it’s even better i die” she muttered,

“then why are you disturbing my peace with this horrible information, what if something happens, how do i live with it?, moreover where did you get the money to do something like that?” i asked her curiously, while my eyes nervously scanned Jenny as i wondered if she was awake or not. The last thing i wanted was having someone who could accuse or link me to the troubled girl’s abortion attempt, incase she dies unfortunately.

To be continued.

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