“hi Destiny” i greeted as i approached her. She stared at me with a smile, her eyes shone brightly as she scanned my face, while her friend watched on curiously.

“coolval? Wow!” she exclaimed. I laughed and nodded, finding no better word to reply her outburst.

“Nneka meet my naughty friend coolval, you need to read his stories” she introduced me to her friend, who polietly smiled and nodded,

“coolval meet my sister and friend Nneka” she said to me,
“HI Nneka” I polietly murmured, and shook hands with her, before facing Destiny once again.

“so are we going to stand here and chat?, Why don’t we find somewhere more condusive?” i asked polietly, she shrugged and stared at her friend, who nodded affirmatively.

“alright then, let’s walk to my car” I said and pointed my car, before leading them to it. Together we headed to Mr fans restaurant which was just a walking distance.

Destiny really wasn’t overly attractive nor very sexy, but she had what i call a grand statuesque, her dressing {and make up} were very simple, light and decent, unlike most girls who dress up like a masquerade.

“just like i expected, she had lots of questions to ask, as soon as we settled down at the food joint, concerning my stories, relationships, life and most importantly, if my stories were real or not. Just like a gentleman, i calmly answered them without any reservation.

However one thing that surprise me till this day, is that i ended up making lots of female friends with my stories, so many good friends i never dreamt of ever having in my life. Seriously, Instead of making enemies out of girls, my stories ended up doing the opposite. An outcome which fascinates me a great deal, and most times inspires me to write more.

“you know, i will love to be part of your story, i will love to see for myself where you reside and everything. When i say everything, i literally mean everything, no holds barred” She said jokingly, while i laughed.

“are you being serious?” I asked with laughter,

“of course na, hope i’ll get to see Chinwe, Adaora and the rest some day?” She asked with a smile,

“you are really very funny my dear, hehehe” I laughed,
“abeg ooo, don’t laugh too much” she jokingly cautioned and grinned.

That was truly how our story began. Destiny soon became part of my Destiny, with no holds barred.

To be continued shortly.
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