I woke up very late the following morning, smiled when i saw two missed calls from chinwe and instantly called her back without second thoughts. I really missed everything about her but i had no choice than to keep away from her happiness.

“hmmm oga how far, so you wouldn’t have called supposing i didn’t make the first move” she accused with her soft voice.

“it isn’t like that dear, you won’t understand” i replied,

“hehehehe abi??, so where are you?” she asked,

“in Orsu L.G.A serving my country” i answered,

“hmmm nawaoo well-done?” she congratulated happily,

“are you in owerri?” i asked,

“yep anything?” she replied,

“yea i just packed into my new room yesterday, and i need help, setting it up” i explained,

“lazy boy mtcheeew, anyway i can help you, but the problem is how to get there, i don’t know the place” she muttered, while my eyes instantly lit up.

“thanks alot dear, i’ll drive right away to your lodge” i answered happily,

“i’ll wait for you at Imsu junction, don’t bother coming to my hostel, just notify me when you are almost there” she replied,

“alright thanks dear” i murmured and hung up.

I5 minutes later

I borrowed my landlady’s wheel-barrow fetched and filled my big drum with water, freshened up and headed to owerri with a fast pounding heart.

It really had been a while i last saw Chinwe so i was as nervous as ever as if i was going on my first date. I kept breathing deeply as i drove.


I picked her up with a nervous smile on my face. She still was very attractive like she used to be, and i really couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty as i remembered all we did together. We didn’t say much to each other until i stopped at a small fast food joint{food is ready restaurant} at works layout.

She instantly looked inquisitively at me. I smiled apologetically and shrugged,

“please i’m very hungry, i didn’t eat anything decent yesterday” i explained.

“okay” she murmured and opened the passenger’s door. Together we walked into the ‘food joint’ where i ordered a plate of rice, beans and plantain while i forced her to take a bottle of malt because she declined eating any food.

“so how about your guy, are you guys still together?” i asked stupidly. She scoffed and stared at me.

“offcourse, what do you expect huh, infact he’s just waiting for me to graduate this November so that he can start making the necessary marriage preparations” she explained happily. I swallowed hard and instantly changed the topic.

We finally arrived at my new lodge by 1:15pm {we spent a little time buying some other things and kitchen utensils i needed}. She quickly got to work as soon as we got to my room, swept, washed, arranged, and cooked. In no time, my room and make-shift kitchen was up and running. I really was so grateful that i held her waist and stared into her eyes gratefully.

“thanks alot for everything dear, you are one in a million” i happily murmured. She smiled and looked away,

“i really don’t know how my life will be, without you by my side” i added a bit sadly. She breathed deeply, stared into my eyes for a while and looked down.

“Val you caused it all” she murmured with a very quiet tone.

“is she still in love with me, is there still hope in winning back her love?”, i asked myself,

but is it really necessary??


To be continued…

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