“jeez Adaora, how did you get here?” i asked curiously. She rolled her eyes, smiled and shrugged,

“well i’m here, abeg pave way for me jare?” she answered sweetly. I forced out a smile, drew back and made way for her to enter my room. My thoughts really weren’t on her obnoxious visit that moment, but on Selena, as i wondered how to deal with her. The poor lady was already on her way to Owerri just for my sake.

“why didn’t you tell me you were coming and how did you get here?” i inquired curiously. Adaora breathed deeply, drank a satchet of water and smiled at me again,

“why the questions eeh? Don’t i have the right to surprise you? Abeg free me jare” she replied playfully. I stared at her, shook my head and left the room with my handset. I immediately dialled Selena’s phone number when i got outside.

“hi where you dey?” i asked curiously,

“i don’t really know, but we passed Okigwe fifteen minutes ago” she replied. I bit my lips nervously,

“do you have any other thing to do in Owerri apart from our appointment?” I asked curiously,

“of course not, didn’t i tell you i was coming over just to see you” she replied,

“yea you are right, i’m just curious, you know” i fumbled,

“don’t tell me you are the jealous type?” she asked with laughter,

“nooooo” i laughed and hung up. I returned to my room, where Adaora left the ókpa she was cutting and stared at me curiously.{ókpa is a local meal, popular in Enugu, eastern Nigeria. It’s a bit similar to moi moi, bean meal}.

“seems like i spoiled your plans, you are not happy i came abi?” she asked searchingly,

“i was about visiting a friend before you showed up” i answered,

“we can visit him together, can’t we?” she asked,

“no we can’t” i replied a bit coldly,

“but why?” she asked with a coloured face,

“because you ain’t my handbag” i answered.

“so what’s his name, do i know him?” she asked,

“no you don’t” i answered seriously,

“that’s the main reason you should take me with you” she murmured cautiously, but I pretended not to hear her. She soon brought forward a plate of Ókpa, which we silently ate together.

Forty five minutes later, my phone began ringing, i knew it was Selena calling, but i nervously allowed it to ring twice without answering it, while Adaora pretended not to notice, discreetly watching my moves like an old cat.

I was at lost on what to do, because i couldn’t just avoid Selena who came all the way from Enugu to see me, neither could i answer her calls in Adaora’s presence nor drive off to Owerri without a good explanation.

It wasn’t as if i couldn’t take my car keys and rush over to owerri, without explaining myself to Adaora, but what i couldn’t do was to leave her behind, rush over to Owerri and spend the night with Selena. I was incapable of such folly.

Considering how late in the day it was, I knew Selena equally won’t allow me to head back home that same day, and so the big question i kept asking myself was,


I couldn’t bear disappointing Selena, neither could i risk hurting Adaora in such an unimaginable way as leaving her all alone in my room for an evening of passion with Selena.

How do i solve it??

To be continued

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