“Baby i have to go check on my friend, i’ll be back shortly” I finally said to Adaora, stood up and grabbed my car keys.

“are you going with your car?” she asked curiously,

“yea i’m” i replied and walked towards the door,

“then i’m coming with you” she said and stood up. I instantly gave her a very mean look, while she scoffed and shrugged.

“what?, don’t i have the right to go anywhere with you? Moreover do you really plan on leaving me here alone in this boring room of yours?” she asked defiantly.

“i’ll switch on the generator for you” i offered,

“i don’t need it, i’m coming with you period” she said isolently.

“seems like you are looking for a fight?” i asked,

“stop that pretence dear, it dosen’t fit you, i should be the one getting angry and not you” she replied bitterly.

“your phone has been ringing for the past fifteen minutes and you can’t even answer it. I know you are running off to be with another girl and i won’t allow that” she added seriously, forcing me to swallow hard with guilt. I sighed, left my room without another word and went over to my car, where i answered my ringing phone.

“where you dey nau, why ain’t you answering your phone?” Selena asked,

“i’m driving nau, and traffic is much” I lied,

“hmmm nawao, anyway i dey around stadium, once you get there, do notify me abeg and be fast ooo” she begged.

“no wahala,” i answered, hung up, and switched on the car engine. Adaora ran out of my room, as i reversed my car, Caught up with me and blocked my path. I killed the engine, and stared at her angrily.

“Val there is something i wish to tell you” she calmly walked up to the driver’s corner, and said to me before returning to my room. I breathed deeply, got out of the car and followed her.

“i see you have gotten tired of me? Can you swear that you ain’t going to see a girl, seriously i’m fed up with all these, and i think the best thing for us is to end this sh.it, i really don’t see us marrying in future, i have tried my best”, “the worst is that you no longer cover your tracks very well. Anyway i don’t blame you, I blame myself for allowing this nonsense to go on, i’m calling you mum right now and i’m going to tell her that our relationship is over” she threatened angrily, scrolled through her phone and rested it on her ear. I watched on silently, unable to find my voice because the guilt and confusion in me seized it.

“good evening mummy” i heard her greet seconds later, forcing me to lash out a terrible slap to her, but luckily i missed her face. My hand landed on her cell phone, sending it crashing to the floor.

“my samsong” she screamed.

To be continued

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