I calmly picked up Adaora’s phone and inspected it. Unluckily the screen was damaged, making me stare at her apologetically. But she was in a frenzy, she flung herself to the bed, cried and covered her face with a pillow. My phone rang again, but all i did was just to switch it off and toss it aside, because i knew i wasn’t going out anymore.

Adaora was unconsolable that evening. She cried for her phone, cried for my brutality and cried for our relationship. I was totally uncomfortable as i watched her cry.

Mum called later in the evening demanding to speak with her, but i came up with a very lame excuse, that ‘she was already asleep’, which mum swallowed suspiciously without questioning my reply.

We never had dinner that fateful saturday, but it bothered me not, because half my thoughts were on Adaora and the other half on Selena as i wondered how she spent the evening, where she might be and how outraged she was. I really was so scared to switch on my phone, nor call to know her whereabout.

Adaora never talked to me through out the rest of that evening, and In a very gloomy state we were, until we finally fell asleep with our problems.

7am Sunday

I lazily opened my eyes, yawned and got up from bed hungrily. I searched for Adaora but couldn’t find her. I yawned again and relaxed on my bed. She walked into the room minutes later with a wet body.
Without greeting me, She quietly dressed up, arranged her clothes and grabbed her big {travelling} bag.

“i’m leaving” she announced quietly as she took her damaged phone from where i left it on my reading table the previous evening.

“so where are you going?” i asked curiously,

“it’s non of your business, and please don’t try to stop me because you will only annoy me more” she replied and walked to the door.

“Adaora please this isn’t the way” i fumbled. She turned, stared at me, scoffed and left the room. I immediately went after her.

“at least tell me where you are going, you can’t just leave like that, what you are doing is insane, you are lucky you safely got here yesterday on your own, please don’t try such boldness again” i begged when i caught up with her.

“you are incapable of advising me, i’m now ready to face anything, you are free to live your life as you wish and please allow me to live mine to the fullest” she replied, stopped a bike, and left arrogantly.

I really had never seen her so determined and bitter in all our years together.

To be continued.

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