Early tuesday morning, i headed straight to Abuja in order to bring my dearest Adaora back to order.
Jenny however tried her possible best to discourage me from going on that trip. It equally was due to the pressure she mounted that i was unable to leave on monday evening.


After taking due permission from the old school principal, i rushed over to the staff room to break the news to Jenny, but instead of encouraging me she frowned and kept a long face.

“Abuja again? What for?” she asked sadly,

“i thought i narrated to you last night, about the fight i had with my girl, have you forgotten already?” i asked,

“and you think going after her is the best solution?” she murmured with a drawn face. I breathed deeply and shrugged,

“yea i think so” i replied thoughtfully,

“so when are you leaving?” she asked curiously,

“this evening, i’ll take a night bus” i answered,

“but you will be staying till school closes today?” she asked,

“yea” i nodded, while she kept quiet and rolled her eyes.
But when we got back to our lodge hours later. She carried a sad face and begged me not to leave.

“i’m having a very bad feeling, you shouldn’t go by night bus. I think Tuesday morning will be much better” she insisted seriously, which led to a little argument but at the end i succumbed to her pressure and agreed to leave the next day.

“how much do you really love that girl?” she asked later in the evening, when she brought a plate of beans for me. I shrugged and smiled,

“very much dear, i love her very much” i replied,

“but it dosen’t stop you from cheating on her?” she asked curiously,

“i cheat with my body and not with my heart. She alone owns my heart” i answered,

“but she shares your body with other girls abi?” she asked, while i laughed.

“you are forcing words out of me, please stop” i murmured lightly,

“so you feel nothing for me?, I mean nothing to you? Silly me” she suddenly sparked with anger, leaving me stunned and speechless,

“next time you bring that tiny dic.k of yours close to me, i will break and rip it off your body” she threatened and stood up, “imagine i was willing to risk my relationship all for nothing” she murmured to herself, spoke some yoruba{native} words and left my room angrily. I stared at the plate of beans suspiciously, swallowed my saliva and devoured the food hungrily.

Tuesday morning I left my lodge and headed straight to Abuja without bothering to check on her. I got to Adaora’s house at exactly {6:45pm}, where a surprised Adaora blocked the door, stopping me from entering the apartment.

‘To make matters worse’ “I heard Loud noises coming out from the sitting room as if a party was going on”. No only that, “her breath also reeked of alcohol”.

To be continued.

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