“so you are now into alcohol?” i asked curiously. She looked away and sighed,

“i drank few cups of wine and nothing more” she answered with a straight face, “by the way, why should i explain myself to you? What i do with my life Is none of your business” she added insultively.

“alright i’m very tired, excuse me” i said as i tried to walk into the apartment. She blocked me defiantly and folded her arms,

“you better go back to where ever you are coming from” she said seriously.

“Adaora what is wrong with you?” I asked,

“everything is wrong with me, just go, infact leave me alone i don’t have your time” she replied rudely. Her friends called out to her that moment, she shrugged and weighed me with her eyes.

“you see i’m very busy, i will have to shut the door” she murmured seriously, while i stared at her angrily. I was terribly shocked beyond words.

“so you really can shut the door on me?” I asked angrily,
“just try it my dear, just move your door an inch and i swear, i won’t bother you again” i threatened. She stared at me hesitantly, breathed deeply and stepped aside.

“you are free to come in, i can’t let you sleep outside for the sake of your family” she murmured. I bit my lips, eyed her and walked into the living room, where {about} ten girls were dancing , drinking and making noise. They pretended not to notice me, i equally ignored them and went over to my room, where i relaxed angrily.

In order to calm my mind, i took out my diary note book and got myself busy, creating and mapping out all i earlier wrote on it. I soon fell asleep due to exhaustion, woke up hours later and found myself in darkness, the whole apartment was very quiet as if i was the only person in it.

I frantically searched for my phone, but luckily the electricity was restored, setting my mind at ease. I lazily got up and went over to the sitting room, which was in a terrible condition. Finding nobody there, i went over to Adaora’s room but still couldn’t find her. I dialled her phone number but she kept rejecting my calls. Unhappily i concluded that she might have left the house with her friends, without notifying me, which really pained me alot.

I went over to the front door{main/entrance door} and tried opening it, in order to search for the security man and ask him some questions, but i found the door locked. I went over to the rear door and also found it locked. I equally searched for the spare keys but couldn’t find any.

“so this silly girl locked up the house and left me inside,
“what an insult” i hissed to myself bitterly.

I couldn’t sleep for the rest of that night as i thought over my situation. By 6:45am the next day, Adaora returned, rushed into the bathroom, freshened up, prepared for work and left without even apologizing to me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes nor even get myself to confront her.

To be continued.

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