8:30pm wednesday

I walked into Adaora’s room, stared at her for a while and breathed deeply. She quietly turned on her bed as soon as she noticed my presence and faced me.

“what do you want?” she asked coldly,

“i came for a serious talk” i replied,

“i’m very tired, please let me be” she answered.

“where were you last night?” i asked,

“none of your business” she replied,

“i see you are now trying to mess up your life huh?” i asked with a raised tone,

“it’s my life and not yours, so it’s no concern of yours” she answered coldly,

“It never even bothered you to ask if i ate anything today” i complained angrily,

“I didn’t invite you to my house, you are an unwanted guest, don’t you get it?” she asked insultively. I simply smiled and bit my lips.

“so from where did you get those low class girls that were here yesterday?” i asked,

“don’t you ever insult my friends again” she barked furiously,

“friends my foot, i once had an encounter with one of them sometime ago sha” i lied to provoke her, shook my head and left her room.

“baby, eem Val wait!” i heard her call as i walked away. I ignored her and returned to my room.

I was extremely unhappy and hurt with her behaviour, and i equally was running out of patience. The only option left was reporting her to my mum, but i hated such idea because mum wouldn’t be there all the time to run my home.

I barely had settled in my room when she came in, stood a little distance away and stared at me seriously.

“which of the girls? won’t you elaborate further?? I’m very curious to know” she asked calmly, while i scoffed.

“they are your friends, can’t you investigate by asking each of them, i guess she will open up to you” i answered.

“i don’t believe you, i know you are lying” she murmured.

“believe all you want, i don’t care” i replied,

“so you cheated on me with one of them?” she asked with a coloured face,

“i never said so, anyway you can believe whatever you want to believe” i replied with a straight face.

I never expected to see her so worried over my careless remark, but i can’t deny not enjoying seeing her so tensed and agitated.

“what do you want?” she asked seriously,

“nothing” i answered quietly. She breathed deeply, came closer and sat on my bed.

“I was with Tessy this afternoon, she told me everything” she muttered seriously, shocking me with her revelation,

“you lie” i murmured nervously,

“She invited me to her shop”, her office is decorated with blue curtains and her portrait is hanging beside the picture she took with her children. I know you have been there, so tell me, am i lying?” she asked with a dirty smile, while my heart beat increased as I stared at her speechlessly.

The way she described Tessy’s office was nothing but perfect. I knew a long night awaited us.

To be continued.

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