Episode 1 *continues from the last Episode of Season 2A*

“at last” i heard myself weakly mutter again, as sweat drenched my body like a person who saw an angry ghost,

“hello, what did you say?” Chinwe asked curiously. I swallowed hard, breathed heavily and shrugged with a shoulder.

“nne where did you say i was posted again?” i asked with a very faint voice,

“kano” she muttered quietly as if she even was scared to mention the name of that cool city, while her reply exploded in my right ear like the dreaded boko haram bomb.

“i don’t believe you, how can i be posted to kano eeh?? Abeg check well please” i managed to mutter,

“i cross- checked your name several times and i’m very sure of what i saw, but you can come and check for yourself i already have done my part bye” she answered before ending the phone call. I really couldn’t believe my ears nor breathe very well that moment because my heart was pounding very fast and furiously.

“kano!” i exclaimed again and again in total disbelief,

“no it can’t be possible, there is a mistake somewhere” i muttered to myself because i knew the person who was contacted to handle my posting really {is} was very capable.

I spent the rest of that day with my thoughts wondering to and fro, because I knew nothing on earth would make me serve in kano,
“d--n national unity, d--n one Nigeria, d--n boko haram” i cursed again and again.

“mum i will be going to owerri tomorrow to check my name, i heard 2nd list is out” i explained to mum later in the evening as she ate dinner. She just shrugged, searched my face for a while before smiling,

“can’t you ask a friend to check it for you?? Anyway do as you wish” she muttered. I forced out a smile and left the dinning room quietly, carefully keeping my thoughts to myself.

The following day, June 28 2012, i drove into Owerri town very early, and headed straight to school nervously . Chinwe already was in GST block waiting for me just like she promised. I smiled in appreciation as we hugged.

“oh Chinwe if only” i muttered to myself as i held her tightly,

“leave me jare” she joked with a smile, while i stared into her eyes and said nothing. She soon grasped my right hand and led me to where she saw my name.

I used my second right finger to cross check the line my name was written, but truly she really wasn’t mistaken, i was posted to Kano after all.

I soon felt her hand as she held my waist sweetly, i looked at her unhappily, while she gave me a very sweet smile which truly calmed me down, and It just looked that moment as if we were back together.

“let’s go somewhere quiet” i heard her mutter,

“baby it seems i won’t be going again oooo” i exclaimed like a child preparing to cry,

“sssshh don’t say that” she muttered as she dragged me back to my car.

I was terribly heart broken that moment because i knew nothing would make me undertake an adventure or risk of serving in the north, but with Chinwe seated beside me just like old times, it seemed fate was trying to play another card which i really never expected nor bargained for……..

To be continued…

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