“i like your friend” i said to Amara with a smile after we settled down in a quiet fastfood joint within the neighbourhood. Instead of driving straight into town, i changed my mind at the last moment, stopping at a popular but quiet fastfood joint within the perimeter.
The girls surprisingly settled for moi-moi, chicken and malt.

“hmmmm are you sure?” she asked with a smile before throwing a quick glance at her friend, who still pretended not to notice my searching eyes nor smiles.

“olivia is expensive oo, i don’t think you can handle her” she joked, while i laughed.

“i love competition, Olivia what do you have to say?” i asked, inorder to involve her in the conversation.

“you are yet to introduce yourself, nor Amara introduce you to me, so what do you want me to say” she asked quickly like a very sharp girl.

“oops sorry nne, meet Val a good friend of mine, and Val i don’t need to tell you who she is nah!” Amara quipped in jovially. I nodded and smiled as i searched for an appropriate word or sentence to make.

“just a friend?” she asked Amara, sized me up with her eyes before facing her friend with a look of feigned suspicion,

“yes nah, just a friend, i once dated his cousin” she further explained, which made Olivia to nod and continue with her food.

We really didn’t spend much time before leaving the fastfood joint, because time wasn’t on our side and by 6:30pm i was already in my cousin’s house after collecting olivia’s phone number.

“we will get to know each other better, next time i visit Owerri” i explained to her as i dropped them at the spot where i earlier picked them…

9pm chinedu and i settled down in a small “drinking {bar} joint” opposite his house. He normally takes me there once in a while whenever i visit, especially when he has some stories to share with me.

“so it means you won’t be going with this batch?” he asked with a cup of “Star beer” in his hand,

“it seems so, unless the govt comes to our rescue, i know i’m not the only person rejecting such frivolous posting” i replied.

“okay oo, you are still very young and time is still on you side” he sipped her beer and said just to console me.

“so what’s up between you and Benita??” i suddenly asked. The exression in his eyes changed, instantly telling me that all wasn’t well.

“brother i’m still very stunned, i can’t even tell how it all happened, but i still accepted responsibility because there isn’t any other option, at least till she delivers, whatever i decide will then happen after that, whether its a wedding ceremony or kicking her out of my life for good, the painful part is that my parents are not even aware” he explained and lamented. His reply really shook me hard, leaving me to wonder how my own fate would be in future….

The miserably look on
his face clearly told me, that he has accepted defeat…..

“When it comes to pregnancy and child issues, most brave guys tend to chicken out just like my cousin, and desperate ladies equally has learnt to cash in on that to achieve their plan”

“whatever would be will be” i muttered to myself as i stared at my cousin speechlessly..

To be continued…
Next is Betrayal

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