“oga where went you?” Adaora suspiciously asked when i finally answered her phone call around 10:15pm that fateful evening. I apologized and told her about my cousin and his problems, which really calmed her down. We were soon gossiping and joking like couples far away from each other..

The following day June 29 2012, i headed back to Enugu as early as 4am. I really had to rush back so early in order to make up for the wasted time and equally meet my mum at home before she goes out.

She was extremely sad when i told her where i was posted, and as i expected she asked me not to honour it.

“i can’t allow you to take such risk, november is but few months away, so relax and wait for the next batch” she advised.

However by weekend, news of mass protest and complains of graduates posted to core northern states began spreading like wildfire equally boasting my morale, because i knew it was just a matter of days before our government succumbs to pressure and probably redeploy us.

Due to anxiety and my restless nature, i abandoned all my resposibilities and headed back to owerri on sunday morning.

“i want to be in owerri and monitor the situation closely” was the lie and excuse i gave to my mum before heading back to owerri.

Truly, having fun with Olivia was the only thing in my mind as i sped back to owerri that fateful sunday, and only picturing her shape in my mind as i drove made me speed like a crazy driver.

Sometimes social networks do help us close some gaps especially with a new friend or catch, and i truly was grateful to facebook that weekend, because i was able to twist and turn Olivia’s mind via its platform all through saturday night, that she was willing and ready to give me a try.

By 12noon that fateful sunday, i stood in front of my cousin’s house and waited for her to show up,

“just call me when you get to owerri, if i’m not busy, i’ll come and see you” she had replied the previous day before we ended our chat, and so When i drove into my cousin’s compound that sunday she really was the first person i called, and since she was leaving closeby she accepted to show up thirty minutes later, which equally gave me the time to freshen up. My cousin and Benita weren’t around that moment, so i figured they went to church together.

She soon showed up, wearing a tight fitting jean trouser and a lovely smile, which made me lick my lips hungrily. The size of her bosoms made her look like a walking milk factory, watering my mouth and driving me nuts……

She soon drew close and we hugged calmly, while i happily felt the softness of her delicate bosoms which i knew would soon grace my lips.

“lets go inside” i muttered innocently. She smiled and followed me….

To be continued….

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