I entered the house and walked straight to my bedroom where i quietly arranged my bed. My cousin came in moments later with hands in his pocket and a dirty smile on his face.

“where did you get that girl from?” he asked,

“from Amara” i replied with a smile.

“i’m very serious, c’mon answer me nah” he urged as he stared at me with disbelief.

“she’s Amara’s friend” i explained,

“Amara??” he asked curiously,

“yea” i replied,

“nna mehn i still miss that girl” he confessed and shook his head. I kept quiet and said nothing because i really didn’t know what to say.

“but why didn’t you tell me, you were coming with a girl? You can’t imagine my surprise when i heard funny sounds coming from your room when we returned from church, Seriously the sight that greeted me as i peeped into your room has spoilt all the prayers i made in the church hours ago” he kind of scolded me.

“i’m sorry bro, sh.i.t just happened without notice” i explained. He just shrugged and left the room…..

Benita kept an angry face for me throughout that afternoon, which made me very uncomfortable that i was forced to apologize to her,

“why are you guys like this eeh??” she bitterly asked after i managed to mutter an apology when we were alone in the sitting room.

“i used to think that you are a nice but confused guy because of the way circumstances brought chinwe and Adaora into your life, but i have now changed my opinion about you, and don’t look at me that way, your cousin already has told me your story” she added when she noticed the surprised look i gave her.

“so what did you gain in having sex with that girl?” she asked, while i shrugged and thought it over. She really was right i gained absolutely nothing from it.

“how do you think chinwe would feel if i tell her what you just did?” she asked,

“we are no longer dating, so i don’t think it will matter” i tried to defend myself.

“abeg comot there liar” she muttered with a faint smile,

“i’m serious, she broke up with me months ago” i tried to explain,

“if that’s the case why is she still following you around?” she asked,

“because i do beg and insist” i replied,

“and she obeys” she added, while i looked away.

“chinwe just verbally broke up with you, she is yet to finish gathering the broken pieces of her heart which you scattered everywhere, and until she does so, she will keeping on hanging with you, hoping you come back to your senses and help her gather the rest of her broken heart”.. She lectured, while i instantly felt guilty.

Her words just made me look like a selfish, heartless, egocentric male that moment, but my eyes equally lit up hopefully because i saw the opportunity to ask some daring questions which could reveal chinwe’s inner thoughts or little secrets she might have shared with her…..

To be continued….

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