Pa Micheal was really very happy to see me, and welcomed me like a son which truly calmed my nerves and made me a bit comfortable,

“Onyia’s eldest son Francis presented a case yesterday to the elders, asking them to intervene in respect of the land behind Eze’s compound which has been under your family’s control for decades” he slowly explained,

“according to him, his late father used the land to borrow money from your dad during the {biafran} war and he now wants to reclaim it” he added while i listened carefully,

“but why didn’t he approach us first before tabling it outside?” i curiously asked,

“oh yes, he claimed he did approach your dad before his death but he refused to honour his request” Pa micheal answered while i scratched my head uneasily,

“Pa you very well know the land is my dad’s only inheritance and share, i also heard you were among his brother’s who were present when the lands where shared, why didn’t you explain to the elders kwanu??” i asked calmly,

“i tried but it’s not in my place, the elders still insisted on seeing you or your mum in order for them to fix the date when the issue will be resolved” he explained, while i nodded sadly. My phone rang that moment interrupting us momentarily, It was Olivia calling again…

I angrily switched off my phone without answering it, while the Old man stared at me with a weak but gentle smile on his face,

“but Papa, my mum and i really don’t have the time for such cases, i want to meet and have a little chat with Francis this evening” i muttered quietly, while his expression suddenly changed as if i said something outrageous,

“don’t talk like that son, first talk to your mum, i believe it’s important to heed the elder’s call” he advised. I smiled inwardly because the old man probably thought we still were in 19th or 20th century when elders do have unlimited power.

“okay sir, i will talk to my mum just like you advised and then get back to you” i replied as i stood to leave,

“okay do take care and be careful” he advised as i left.

I drove straight to Francis compound without second thought nor fear and headed straight to a newly carved modern triangular structure which he erected after destroying his father’s old “Obi”{a sitting room mostly built in front of the main house for recieving guests, though it’s no longer popular}…

He was with two guys who were equally his agemates, eating dog meat with palm wine when i walked in on them, he showed no surprise when he saw me, instead called his first son to bring one more cup for him….

I just watched them with disgust as i summoned more courage and rehearsed all i intended to tell him,

“nna taste this palmwine, it’s the best in the whole clan” he soon polietly offered a glass of palmwine, instantly breaking my thoughts with a sweet smile which masked his evil ambition…

To be continued..

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