“lets go to my lodge” i heard chinwe say to me as i drove out of GST unit. I gave her a searching look which made her shrug and smile,

“i don’t like hanging in school moreover it’s too early for that so i think my lodge will be the most suitable place for us to stay” she explained.

I drove straight to her lodge without another word and together we entered her room where her surprised sexy roomate Mirabel stared at us like someone lost in deep forest.

“hi” i greeted polietly,

“hullo” she finally found her voice and responded, before smiling at chinwe who was looking intently at her.

“i’m off to school do take care” she sweetly said to her friend before leaving us alone.

“so what will you do?” chinwe stared into my eyes and asked as soon as i sat on her bed,

“i really don’t know but i guess i’ll have to speak with my mum first” i replied uneasily, she surprisingly held my two hands and drew closer to me,

“i wish i could be of help but there is nothing i can do in this case, so please think over things carefully and discuss with your mum, i believe you and her can still work things out” she spoke softly and wisely which really touched my heart and aroused me. I stared into her eyes and swallowed hard, while the intensity of my gaze shook and made her uneasy.

Her face instantly coloured, and she looked away, but i gently turned her face with my left fingers which equally played with her jaw at the same time.

“what?” she asked with shaking lips

“i don’t know” i truthfully replied,

“please stop it, you know this won’t get us anywhere, we are no longer together, leave me jor” she muttered and made to stand up, but i instantly grabbed her with a little force, which made both of us land on her bed.

I knew not how my lips closed in on hers nor when my fingers began caressing her hair, but all i knew was that my body was on fire and the only thing i wanted was her body and love to quench the burning sensation.

“please stop it” she struggled weakly as i kissed her hotly,

“you are making me hate you more” she added as she struggled, but i still continued…..

To be continued…..

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