As some of my friends were in various Nysc orientation camps doing one thing or the other, i was in my hometown because of an impromptu land dispute.

“don’t be rude, accept the palmwine being offered to you nah” his friends urged me,

“no thanks i don’t drink palmwine” i polietly declined, while they stared at each other extremely surprised,

“hmmm you be woman oo” one of them muttered, the other shrugged, shook his head and stared at me,

“you are missing alot” he said with a smile, i just folded my hands and returned his smile.

“what of dog meat, hope you will eat?” Francis offered almost immediately,

“no thanks, i came for a very important issue which can’t really wait” i explained, while he nodded and listened,

“it’s about my land behind Eze’s compound, i heard you are trying to claim it” i muttered gently as i studied him like a wild cat,

“oh is that why you came? Nna! the case it’s already in the elders hand, lets wait till they summon us before discussing it, moreover you are too young for such issues where is your mum?” he added and asked, as if i was but a boy, which really provoked me,

“MAZI i also came to warn you to stop prying your eyes into something that dosen’t belong to you, my mum and i are not appearing before elders neither am i dragging anything with you, just try me and see whether you will not spend most part of your miserable life in jail, and the rest of your poor income going to court. I’m really not using that land for anything, but dare step your leg into it and prepare selling all your properties fighting for it, you know i can afford taking this case to the highest level, but how about you? can you afford it??” i barked and stood up, while his friends stared at each other, embarrassed and surprised,

“taa kwuche ónúgi,{close your mouth} who are you?” he stood up and fired back. I just smiled and left him totally satisfied with myself, because i knew i left him uttery confused and shaken. Moreover no one really do like Nigerian court {issues} nor police case, which i knew really frightened him….

I drove back straight to Owerri that evening without even stopping at my family home, and when i finally switched on my mobile phone as i got to orji{some kilometers away from owerri main town}, Olivia’s text message greeted me.

“just ordinary airtime and you switched off your phone, thanks all the same, i have seen the kind of person you are” it read, making me snap instantly….

I really was in a very bitter mood after reading her text message that i felt like hitting her violently,

“where are you?” i asked, when she finally answered my phone call as it rang for the seventh time,

“at home” she replied,

“wait for me in front of that small shop where we met for the first time” i said calmly,

“okay” she replied

when i got to the spot, i waited extra fifteen minutes before she showed up. My temper was at boiling stage, when we finally met……

To be continued….

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