“here is your money, i don’t need it again, thanks” she muttered and threw the five hundred naira i gave her the previous day, which left me speechless.

She instantly turned and made to leave, i grabbed her right hand and held it strongly,

“we need to talk” i muttered calmly,

“we have nothing to talk” she replied and struggled to free herself from my grip.

I quietly picked the money she threw with my left hand, and dragged her into the compound with my right hand. My surprised cousin who was about driving out that moment just gave us a curious look before shaking his head quietly, while Benita pretended not to see us.

I said nothing to them, dragged Olivia into my room and quickly locked my door,

“what’s wrong with you?” i asked,

“you should be the one to answer that question, i don’t understand you any more, abeg just allow me to go, i don’t need your insults any longer” she poured out, while i smiled and watched her.

“this is no smiling matter, free me abeg” she added angrily,

“do you know you made me very angry yesterday?” i asked,

“how? i don’t understand” she muttered with a searching look,

“i was very busy in my hometown yesterday due to some family issues, you kept disturbing me with your phone calls and later sent an annoying text message, what even gave you the idea that i switched off my phone in order to avoid sending you a recharge card eeh??” i asked quietly. She looked away and muttered something to herself,

“i’m not hearing you” i heard myself say to her.

“you never told me you were in your hometown, and was that the reason you left me standing in road??” she asked,

“i left you there so that you could feel how i felt as i waited for you to show up” i answered,

“ok i don hear, it still dosen’t change anything, i’m leaving” she threatened and walked to the door.

“one more round with this girl won’t be bad after all” i reasoned as a dirty smile appeared on my face. I stood up, drew close and held her waist.

“are you sure about leaving?” i asked as i kissed her ear,

“leave me jor, do you know how long i cried last night?” she asked. I didn’t answer but instead quietly reached for her b.o.s.o.ms and fondled them softly, which made her push me violently away from her body, but i was soon back, caressing and fondling, while she hit, bit and kicked me until her fury was spent….

We finally made love again, like two adults in love,

“please don’t try what you did yesterday ever again?” she begged as i rode her. But i really didn’t enjoy her like i wanted because mum called when i was still in the middle of the first round, making me instantly remember that i was ordered to meet uncle peter that fateful morning….

To be continued…

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