I really couldn’t answer mum’s phone call that moment. So I ignored it and quickly rounded up the early morning sex i was having with Olivia.

As we dressed up, i noticed she still was carrying a sad look, which made me carry her on my laps.

“what’s wrong?” i curiously asked,

“i’m still not happy” she sulked,

“i thought we have settled everything?” i asked with a show of surprise,

“it’s about the recharge card” she muttered quitely,

“so what about it??” i asked calmly,

“what i do need is #1500 recharge card to renew my BIS subscription, which is the reason i brought back the #500 you gave me yesterday” she explained. I swallowed hard in silence, while my mind instantly made some quick calculations.

“why are you quiet?? Hope you still remember all your promises?, moreover my birthday is coming up in two weeks time, and i’m also counting on you for that” she added, My heart jumped.

However in order to discharge her, i unhappily added one thousand Naira on the money she returned. she happily kissed me and left soon after.

Minutes later I was in Uncle Peter’s elegant office located at okigwe road, where his cute assistant ushered me in.

Uncle Peter is a very old politican, who was very popular during the 2nd and 3rd republic {state level}. He really is a statesman with good breeding, though very cunny and never indulges in what he won’t benefit anything from, hence my scepticism when mum ordered me to meet him.

“good morning sir” i humbly greeted as soon as i stepped into his office,

“young Val how are you?” he responded with a well spread smile, equally offering his right hand for a handshake. I polietly shook hands with him before settling down on an empty visitor’s chair…

“your Dad used to be my very good friend, but he suddenly started avoiding me and some of our colleagues since January before he later died. What i did to warrant such behaviour, i really don’t know, anyway your mum told me everything currently going on in your hometown and i accepted to help. By the way what took you so long??, you kept me waiting for long” he complained as he stood up with his walking stick. I equally stood up with a look of confusion clearly written over my face.

“don’t give me that look boy, we are heading to your village” he muttered like an army general, my heart instantly skipped but i calmly followed him like a humble lamb…

Minutes later, we were at the rear seat of his mercedes suv while his driver drove us to my hometown, i really was unable to relax because i couldn’t help but wonder why he even was helping my family…..

To be continued….
I’m so sorry friends, i’m still very down…

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