“she isn’t around” i lied with a smile. She sat up nervously and stared all over the sitting room like a rat in the midst of angry cats.

“what’s wrong with you are you scared?” i asked,

“offcourse i’m, i don’t trust you any longer” she muttered,

“relax jare i won’t do anything to you” i muttered with a calm tone.

“about what happened yesterday, you should stop punishing yourself or bringing the impression that i’m cheating on you. Whatever behaviour you see me displaying is not your concern anymore, i have my life to live, just like you have yours. Moreover you choosed your own part a long time ago, so do let me choose mine” she poured out with a little fear in her eyes.

I calmly sat beside her and held her right hand,

“please is there anything i can say that will change your mind?” i humbly asked, but she just shook her head and quietly snatched her hand from my grasp.

“there is nothing, moreover i have tried for you Val. I stayed beside you, encouraged and satisfied you even after we broke up, so that you can have your fill and move on. Which girl will stay and do that for you?? I know you are very generous towards me, but i equally have my own life to live, so when an old family friend came knocking, i really have no choice but to accept him. He is very keen and ready to marry me once i graduate and yes is the guy you saw yesterday” she calmly explained, while i felt terrible, heart broken and jealous. I held my head with both hands while her words kept repeating itself inside my head. I felt like strangling her that moment.

I truly have often seen her as my property. Mine to control as i wished, but the seriousness of her speech, her gesture and behaviour that morning clearly told me that the remaining hold i have on her has been uprooted.

Benita came into the sitting room that moment, with a happy smile on her face while chinwe rushed and hugged her.

I looked up instantly and stared at Chinwe more closely. There really was a new sparkle in her eyes, and a new form of composure which i never have seen in her before. The happiness surrounding her was quite alarming.

“is she in love again??” i fearfully asked myself…..

To be continued.
“betrayal” comes up Next

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