Chinwe and Benita greeted and discussed happily. I sighed and looked away in despair, with my whole mind buried in thoughts.

“oh chinwe, why must it be this moment??” my mind kept asking, while my blood pressure, and heart beat kept increasing. I really was a terrible sight to behold that moment.

“i have to get going” i heard her say to me moments later, i looked up wearily and saw her standing by my side.

“okay dear” i managed to mutter with a smile as i stood up. Her face instantly coloured while her eyes melted with pity when she observed my mood, but she said no word. We left the sitting room together in silence.

“don’t bother yourself, i will take a cab” she muttered polietly as I opened the passenger’s door of my car when got outside,

“enter the car jare,” i replied with a weak smile. She stared at me for a moment before obliging.

It really looked as if our souls were in different planets as i drove to her hostel that fateful day, because we never said a word to each other until we arrived in her lodge, though i knew she equally was lost in her own thoughts just like i was in mine.

“do you love him?” i heard myself ask, when i stopped in front of her lodge. She breathed deeply, stared at me and smiled,

“why do you want to know?” she asked,

“i’m just curious” i replied,

“yes i do love him” she admitted and rolled her eyes, while i bit my lips and said nothing.

“the way you comport yourself from this moment, will decide and determine if we will still remain friends. So it’s better for us not to visit each other again, if you can’t come to terms with my new relationship. It’s now in your hand to decide, morever you should stop giving me that terrible accusing look, i hate it. You have Adaora by your side and wìth a girl like her you can go places” she summarized before opening the car door to alight.

I softly held her left hand, which made her stare searchingly into my eyes,

“i wish you luck, joy and happiness, with your new guy. You ain’t at fault for how things turned out between us. I will continue to be your friend till death, goodluck” i muttered painfully. She breathed deep with astonishment, and tears which quickly formed in her eyes told me all i needed to know. She really was so surprised in my little speech, with coloured eyes she hugged me before running into her logde.

“goodbye Chinwe” i muttered quietly to myself as i watched her run. Truly i said those words not because i meant them nor wanted to, but because it really was the most honourable thing to do that moment.

I finally drove home with old memories flashing to and fro in my mind. But Somehow i still felt that my destiny with her hasn’t yet been completed, and that fate which brought us together might still have something lying in wait for us in future.

Only time will tell…

To be continued….

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