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Special scenes *moments before nysc* 28


7:00AM friday morning, i already was on my way to Abuja in company of three female school mates. I truly was excited that morning, because it really has been years i last visited Abuja, {spent some of my high school long vacations there}

I equally planned spending the weekend with a family friend who was attending university of Abuja, so i truly was excited as ever because i knew lots of fun awaited me. Moreover i equally have heard lots of stories about Abuja girls which i was all out to explore.

4:48pm we arrived at Nysc headquarters with our hopes up, but we were told to come on monday because “work has closed for the week”.

I really was disappointed though not very sad, because i already planned on spending the weekend there. The girls i was with soon disappeared into thin air, but i wasn’t at all concerned because it really was everyone for himself that moment.

Adaora soon appeared looking as radiant as ever in her Nysc uniform. We hugged each other happily,

“hope i didn’t arrive late?” she asked sweetly,

“no dear” i muttered with a smile.

She took me to a fastfood joint, some kilometers away, where we ordered rice and soft drinks,

“i missed you so much dear, how is everyone at home?” she asked as we ate.

I really couldn’t recognize the streets i once was familiar with, as Adaora and i took a cab to where she was living {kubwa area}{she wasn’t living with my sister because my sis was serving*posted* at the outskirts of dutse Alhaji}.

“hmmm nice compound” i muttered as we walked into the compound, which has a triangular shaped bungalow with numerous rooms standing in it’s middle. I quickly suspected it may be one of Adaora’s family houses even though i noticed another family living at the left wing of the house.

“you are really enjoying oo” i joked as we entered the house,

“hmmm you even have a sitting room” i added with a smile, while she blushed,

“stop that jor, i don’t like it” she replied with a feigned frown.

We truly had a great time gisting and joking, but as night drew closer i became more restless especially when Obinna the guy i planned hanging out with began calling me over the phone.

“guy where you dey nah, i don arrange everything for the show” he anxiously asked,

“guy chill i go call you back in the next one hour, i dey tidy something here abeg” i pleaded.

“what are you planning and what are tidying?” Adaora seriously asked immediately i ended the phone call. My heart pounded wildly as i tried to force open my lips and tell her that i wouldn’t be spending the night with her. Truly i already had rehearsed all i intended to tell her prior to that moment, but to open my lips and pour them out really was were the problem lay, moreover i knew her to be a quick tempered girl.

To be continued…

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10 thoughts on “Special scenes *moments before nysc* 28


    Pls dear friends, i will be going on a little vacation{which i mentioned in our first special scenes} tomorrow… Pls i really don’t know whether i will be able to update my stories till i return….

  • SailorXY

    Val Val… Talk true, you sure say u love this Adaora so??

  • Zinny-zara

    lyk seriously….r u scared of d gal u r dating or wat?

  • Zinny-zara

    anyways safe sailing

  • Fidel

    Hv fun wt d one u luv. It is not easy 2 find true luv. Gist us wen u r bak.


      Thanks sir Fidel, i’ll still be updating the episodes with any little chance i get..

  • Fidel

    Val what do u fink d rxn of adaora ll b d day she ll find out abt dis site?


      I really don’t think she will have the time to read all this stuff, though i’m scared a very close friend may one day notify her about it. If that happens, her fury won’t allow her to investigate properly b4 reaching out to me, which will then give me ample time to hide the site & defend myself lolz. But i pray it dosen’t happen oooo

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