7:00AM friday morning, i already was on my way to Abuja in company of three female school mates. I truly was excited that morning, because it really has been years i last visited Abuja, {spent some of my high school long vacations there}

I equally planned spending the weekend with a family friend who was attending university of Abuja, so i truly was excited as ever because i knew lots of fun awaited me. Moreover i equally have heard lots of stories about Abuja girls which i was all out to explore.

4:48pm we arrived at Nysc headquarters with our hopes up, but we were told to come on monday because “work has closed for the week”.

I really was disappointed though not very sad, because i already planned on spending the weekend there. The girls i was with soon disappeared into thin air, but i wasn’t at all concerned because it really was everyone for himself that moment.

Adaora soon appeared looking as radiant as ever in her Nysc uniform. We hugged each other happily,

“hope i didn’t arrive late?” she asked sweetly,

“no dear” i muttered with a smile.

She took me to a fastfood joint, some kilometers away, where we ordered rice and soft drinks,

“i missed you so much dear, how is everyone at home?” she asked as we ate.

I really couldn’t recognize the streets i once was familiar with, as Adaora and i took a cab to where she was living {kubwa area}{she wasn’t living with my sister because my sis was serving*posted* at the outskirts of dutse Alhaji}.

“hmmm nice compound” i muttered as we walked into the compound, which has a triangular shaped bungalow with numerous rooms standing in it’s middle. I quickly suspected it may be one of Adaora’s family houses even though i noticed another family living at the left wing of the house.

“you are really enjoying oo” i joked as we entered the house,

“hmmm you even have a sitting room” i added with a smile, while she blushed,

“stop that jor, i don’t like it” she replied with a feigned frown.

We truly had a great time gisting and joking, but as night drew closer i became more restless especially when Obinna the guy i planned hanging out with began calling me over the phone.

“guy where you dey nah, i don arrange everything for the show” he anxiously asked,

“guy chill i go call you back in the next one hour, i dey tidy something here abeg” i pleaded.

“what are you planning and what are tidying?” Adaora seriously asked immediately i ended the phone call. My heart pounded wildly as i tried to force open my lips and tell her that i wouldn’t be spending the night with her. Truly i already had rehearsed all i intended to tell her prior to that moment, but to open my lips and pour them out really was were the problem lay, moreover i knew her to be a quick tempered girl.

To be continued…

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