I fondled and played with her sweet ripe bosoms to my satisfaction, before joining her on the floor, where she calmly sat.

“what is it?” she asked coldly. I smiled and kissed her,

“i really don’t understand you sometimes” she muttered, pushing me away,

“what is it you don’t understand?” i asked with a smile, as i tried to hold myself because I was very much aroused and vunerable that moment, though my brain luckily was still under my control, which she probably didn’t know as she tried to manipulate me just like delilah did samson in the bible.

“where did you plan going with obinna?” she asked curiously, while my eyes hungrily fed on her bare bos.oms as if i havn’t tasted them before.

“your silence is getting me annoyed” she added with a faint smile, but I still said nothing because i really didn’t know what to tell her.

She stood up without another word and left for her room while i quietly rushed to the room where she kept my bag, undressed, took two wraps of rubber and headed to her room totally unclad.

“chei” she exclaimed as i entered her room with a dangling tail on my waist,

“you don dey mad or what?” she asked and sat up. I ignored her question, climbed on her bed, grabbed, kissed, fondled f.ing.er.ed and totally romanced her until she laid on her back with legs spread wide, lips open with moans of pleasure escaping forth, tears of love falling from her eyes, and sea of galilea flowing out from her pot of eden. D--n she was so freaking tuned on that moment, by my magic fingers which turned her cl.i.t into a guitar before my happy-stick finally penetrated her eden and swam in the ocean which flowed in it……

“ah ah oh ah oh” she moaned as i swam, while her bed whistled like a whistling pine tree as our sex organs brushed each other.

“Naughty boy” she whispered as we gasped for breathe after the first round. Her coloured body really showed me how ruffled she was, and when round two started minutes later, d----e the father of backdoor intimacy was used.

Oh how i love such position. A position which allows you to slam your waist out and send to hell.

Furiously i slammed, as if i was riding a possessed black horse. Hands on her shoulder i knacked, hands on her waist i knacked more furiously, and hands on her bosoms with chest on her bare back, i poured out my cream…

“sure you havn’t bursted my k---y” was the first question she asked when we were done…..

Minutes later, we fell asleep, very satisfied, happy, and so so tired…


To be continued….

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