“i’m regretting what happened last night” Adaora muttered quietly during breakfast {the following morning}. I smiled and calmly continued with the bread i was eating. She eyed me, sighed and gulped her tea as if she was dragging it with somebody.

“madam easy nah” i heard myself say with laughter, which really made her more annoyed, but she said nothing.

“you are just getting yourself worked up over nothing, there isn’t any spectacular thing i planned with Obinna, it seems like i’ll have to invite him here so you can ask him yourself” i calmly added.

“your lies don’t allow me to know when you are speaking the truth, moreover your ways are getting more strange, i guess i’ll have to change mine also” she muttered and stood up with a drawn face,

“suit yourself” i replied with resignation,

“what did you just say?” she asked with a raised tone. Her voice jolted me, making hot tea to spill on my shirt.

“seriously i also don’t understand you sometimes, you like suspecting everything i do, what is it you want to hear?” i asked angrily.

She quickly calmed down when she noticed how angry i was, shrugged and turned to walk away,

“you can clear the table” i ordered and stood up,

“but you are not yet through with your bread?” she asked curiously,

“don’t worry i’m okay” i replied with a forced smile before walking away.

Seriously sometimes Adaora’s atitude do get on my nerves. She’s always suspicious and eager to read my mind, which i really do not find funny.

She came into my room an hour later looking gloomy and apologetic,

“i’m sorry baby, it’s just that the change i see in you is growing with each passing day and sometimes i do feel threatened. If i do not love you, i won’t be behaving the way i do, moreover you are a handsome guy and you know what they say about handsome young guys” she spoke with a soft voice, while her last words made me blush.

“so you seriously think i will throw away a real queen like you for a peanut girl eeh, if so, you don’t really know me” i replied with a smile.

She calmly sat beside me on the bed and held my palms softly,

“baby i have learnt a lot since i moved in here, i have seen first hand what guys in relationships do when their girlfriends are not with them and sometimes i do feel you also do the same, i know chinwe’s era is over so please don’t misunderstand me” she explained calmly, while her eyes tried to read my mind once again.

“i know young guys like to be free, but in your case i do fear that if you arn’t caged, you might fly away never to return” she added while i swallowed hard.

Surely her words made enough sense that moment, but i cleverly hid my thoughts, smiled and kissed her.

“my love please don’t let all these ideas cloud your heart, our families have always been one and so are we” i said sweetly.

Her door bell rang that moment, interrupting our discussion, she smiled and stood up,

“oops let me go and put on something decent, please help me answer whoever is at my door” she pleaded and ran to her room. I walked to the sitting room and unlocked the entrance door.

My eyes instantly shone when they fell on a pretty fair damsel who very much looked like an Egyptian goddess.

“salam! Is Adaora inside?” she greeted and asked…..

To be continued….
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