“yea come inside” i polietly answered, stepped aside, and made way for her to enter the sitting room.

She weighed me briefly with her little eyes before stepping into the sitting room where Adaora soon appeared and hugged her happily,

“finally you showed up, how far??” Adaora greeted as they hugged,

“i’m fine dear, shokran!” she replied,

“so what kept you from coming yesterday?, i waited and waited for you” Adaora asked,

“it’s a long story dear, but see your way, you didn’t even call to know what kept me from coming” she accused. I watched them with admiration, while my mind wandered off as i reasoned how the pretty queen standing in my presence would taste, even though i knew such luxury wasn’t meant for me.

“my dear i’m very sorry, my boyfriend showed up and you know nah” Adaora explained and winked at her,

“haqqan!{really}” she exclaimed with bright eyes before staring at me while Adaora smiled and drew her towards where i stood.

“so let me do a formal introduction, meet my boyfriend Val, and Dear meet my friend Maryam she came over from dubai for her marriage which is coming up in few months. She is from sokoto, and her mum used to work with my mum” she introduced with a smile, while i shook hands with Maryam, polietly.

“hope you will attend my birthday party with Adaora this evening?” she asked,

“birthday?” i muttered with a surprised look,

“yea today is her birthday” Adaora chipped in,

“i’ll bring him along don’t worry, but madam you are also yet to tell me the venue oo?” Adaora also added,

“yea i know, i’m still working on it, just that the hotel i have in mind isn’t the one we will use after all, anyway i’ll text you the venue later in the evening, when everything is ready, i’m just inviting very few selected friends” she explained with a smile,

“hmmm hotel!, madam saint is finally getting naughty and spoilt uhmm” Adaora joked,

“hehehe, even mingling with you is a big haram if you don’t know” she joked back and laughed.

With a smile i quietly excused myself and went to my room.

“guy change of plans ooo, abeg na for sunday we go meet, please no vex” i called and apologized to Obinna {over the phone}, as soon as i got to my room. He really was very upset but there wasn’t any other option left for me than to shift our plans, “moreover Maryam’s birthday party really appeared very tempting and might even offer the kind of fun i truly was dying to have” so i reasoned…..

To be continued {next update 20:00GMT}…..
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